Real estate agency in Russia

Real estate agency in Russia

Real estate agency in Russia offers you a list of legal services affecting the sale and rental of real estate in the Russian Federation and other countries of the world. We offer you assistance in analyzing documentation for a property, as well as full support for real estate transactions in Russia and other countries of the world, including the preparation of documentation and registration of ownership or lease. The experience and practice of our company’s specialists makes it possible to offer you the necessary support when making legally significant actions with real estate. The commercial real estate agency provides services for working with housing, as well as with commercial facilities and real estate abroad. Despite the awareness of citizens, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs about real estate transactions, issues requiring a legal opinion always remain. The real estate agency will offer you the services of specialists at any stage of the transaction, and since our employees represent the legal services sector, you will be provided with assistance in the event of a conflict or even a real estate litigation.

Changes in regulatory legal acts, or more simply, a law, the content and features of which, in most cases, are hidden from clients of real estate agencies in order to increase the complexity of the operation and not the possibility of execution on their own, will be dispelled at the first consultation. It is worth noting that from January 1, 2017, registration of real estate does not depend on the location and can be carried out in any region of Russia. Even if you are located outside the Russian Federation, our company can carry out registration of a real estate transaction using an electronic digital signature.

Real estate agency in Russia offers you the following services

Our company provides the following types and packages of services in Russia for foreign citizens and companies:

Work with real estate is a very difficult task, since the subject of contracts and contracts are quite expensive objects and the chance to fall into the hands of unscrupulous sellers and scammers is very great. The task of the lawyers of our real estate agency is to protect the client from unnecessary costs in drawing up a sales contract, drawing up a gift or lease agreement, to monitor all stages of the transaction and analyze the documentation for possible violations and the fact of falsification of title documents or contracts.

Failure to know the legal rules governing the execution of transactions with real estate can lead to a delay in time, double sale or transfer to you of fake documents. Our company’s real estate agency in Russia conducts its activities to eradicate the black market for real estate turnover and provide legal protection for its clients. Your safety is the most important task for us.

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