Commercial real estate for rent

Commercial real estate for rentOur company provides services for the preparation of draft commercial lease agreements for real estate objects — buildings, buildings, structures, non-residential premises in Russia. Сommercial real estate for rent includes the negotiation of the terms of lease agreements between the parties to the transaction, taking into account the requirements and maximum protection of the interests of our client. Commercial real estate for rent can take a significant period of time and requires attention and error-free execution of contracts and agreements. Preparation of contracts, control over the tenant's compliance with the rules laid down in the contract, timely reminders, as well as claims and demanding activities will help you save your funds for the implementation of other projects. As part of this service, additional agreements to lease agreements are prepared in case of a change in the terms of the contract.

All agreements on the lease of the real estate object will be duly executed with the help of our lawyers and, if necessary, the state registration of the concluded agreement will be carried out in the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography, in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, if the lease period exceeds one year.

Commercial real estate for rent in Russia

Commercial real estate for rent is a necessary component of both large and medium-sized businesses for both Russian citizens and businessmen from other countries of the world. Control over tenants and their actions will allow to direct the freed up resources to improve and expand the business. We offer you complete control over the lease of the commercial real estate that you are going to rent from start to finish. Our services include:

  • In the negotiation process with the landlord of commercial real estate or a management company;
  • Drafting lease agreements and commercial lease contracts, negotiating terms with the lessor;
  • Lease management (including claim work and foreclosure) in case of violation of the terms of the contract by the lessor or lessee, depending on the status of our client;
  • Registration of commercial real estate contracts using an electronic digital signature or by power of attorney drawn up at the Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country of our client's location. Registration of an electronic digital signature for our client for submission of documents to the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography, since our company is an Certification Center in Russia and has the ability to promptly issue electronic digital signatures for both Russian citizens and foreign citizens for any purpose;
  • Participation of our lawyers in litigation, in the event of a dispute or conflict regarding real estate leased out between the «Landlord» and the «Tenant»;
  • Representing the client's interests in the existing services and state bodies of the Federation;
  • The cost of the service is 3200 euros, the contract is concluded for servicing the client for one year.

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    Commercial real estate for rent in the event of a dispute between the parties to the contract

    In case of conflict and disputable situations, the lawyers of our company will help you to resolve the disagreements that have arisen through negotiations, and if the result is not achieved before the court settlement, the lawyers of the company will go to court with a statement of claim and will represent your interests in the course of the trial and appeal. If necessary, a part of the debtor's property, at the request of a lawyer, will be arrested to take measures to secure the claim.

    For the owners of real estate, who are engaged in the rental business, we offer both comprehensive legal support on all issues of rental activities, and the solution of individual issues, the implementation of certain tasks in Russia. Running a rental business on your own requires a lot of commitment and control over landlords. Correctly drafted lease agreements, timely state registration of agreements, will help to avoid further obstacles and the need to spend time and effort.

    The main task when working with commercial real estate lease

    Maintenance of lease relations is aimed primarily at eliminating the owner's loss, and in case of non-payment, at the earliest possible compensation of costs. To save the client from material costs and legal proceedings is the main goal of our offer. Well-coordinated work and timely control will minimize the risks of judicial and non-judicial conflicts with our clients.