Contracts drafting in Russia

Contracts drafting in RussiaContracts drafting in Russia has always been a necessity in the life of every businessman, entrepreneur doing business in Russia, since the collision with the need to sell or buy an expensive thing happens quite often. Drawing up contracts of sale, donation is necessary for the alienation of real estate, the sale of cars and other things, the value of which exceeds 10,000 rubles, or if the transaction takes place with the participation of a legal entity as one of the parties, drawing up of long-term lease contracts, use of a trademark, employment contracts, accounting support agreements for your company and other contracts. The existence of an agreement will help you, in the event of adverse consequences, to prove the existence of legal relations in court and win the case. Objective evidence in the courts of the Russian Federation is higher than the testimony of witnesses, for this reason, a fact confirmed by an agreement or contract gives you a huge advantage and chances to win in the case.

Contract law in Russia is very diverse and the contracts drafting in Russia is possible with different conditions and responsibilities. The lawyers of our company will help you in determining the conditions and requirements in any contract. If you are offered to conclude a contract, and you have doubts or cannot understand the content of the contract, we will help you analyze the submitted contract and inform you of all the features contained in the document.

How are contracts drafting in Russia?

The main elements of the agreement are the subject of the agreement, the rights and obligations of the participants. These constituent parts form a «skeleton» on top of which the remaining items are added. Our task is to ensure the correctness and accuracy in the content of the agreement for your legal protection in bilateral or multilateral legal relations. The subject of an agreement in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation can be any thing, with the exception of things directly prohibited by law for the sale or transfer of things. The most popular types of contracts are contracts for the purchase and sale of cars, apartments, suburban areas, exchange of real estate, donation of any thing, as well as a large amount of contracts used in business.

For the convenience of clients who contact us, the drafting of contracts in Russia is autonomous and does not require your presence. When ready, the document is sent to you to check the data on the subject of the contract and the data of the parties to the contract. If it is necessary to make adjustments to the contract, they will be made immediately. If necessary, our company can issue a digital signature for you for the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography and submit documents for state registration of real estate without leaving home, if the contract is drawn up for the transfer of the real estate object.

The advantages of working with an electronic digital signature are the reduction of the state duty by 30% when submitting documents through the portal of the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography, as well as reducing the time frame for the state registration. We will assist you in drafting the following many contracts:

  • We will analyze the documentation on the subject of the contract being drawn up;
  • We draw up a contract for your order under Russian law;
  • Draw up an additional agreement to any agreement drawn up in Russia;
  • We will analyze the contract sent to you, for editing individual parts of the contract;
  • We will issue an electronic digital signature for you, as well as the TIN number and receive a certificate of compulsory pension insurance from the Pension Fund of Russia (SNILS);
  • The cost of registration of an electronic digital signature is 100 euros, while additional documents required for registration of an electronic digital signature are drawn up separately (TIN and SNILS), you can see the cost of processing additional documents here;
  • The cost of the contract drafting service in Russia is 650 euros for all types of contracts.

The price includes only the execution of the contract. If you still have additional questions, write to us in the chat in the lower corner of the screen or the company email or use the feedback form, which you can see below:  



    Contracts drafting in Russia to ensure the security of the parties to the contract

    The contract was and is the basis for the emergence, change and termination of legal relations, if you need to sell or change a sufficiently valuable item, do not forget about the contract. We live in the era of capitalism, and many participants in social relations do not want to keep up with the law and may resort to deception or a trick inherent in the contract itself. The rules for drawing up a contract, known to lawyers, will help you avoid unnecessary troubles and get a correctly drawn up document.

    The study or drafting of various contracts by the lawyers of our company will give you a guarantee of the legality of the actions taking place under the contract. If necessary and the client's wishes, our company conducts transactions until their final result, with the resolution of all legal issues arising from the performance of obligations by the parties to the contract.