Contacts and working hours of the Legal Company «Dom-Prava»

ContactsCompany work schedule:

We work from Monday to Friday — from 10 : 00  to 19 : 00

Saturday, Sunday — non-working days;

Contact phone numbers:

+7-800-222-76-16  within Russia the call is free!

+7 (495) 744-36-16 — calls are accepted from any country of the world.

+7 (916) 270-16-76 — (Moscow), by the specified phone number you can send messages to Viber and WhatsApp, Telegram we will be happy to answer you.


Moscow —

To discuss a commercial proposal, partnership and mutual cooperation, please call:

 +7 (915) 341-83-36 — Andrey Viktorovich

Or send a message:





    Payment details:

    LLC Legal Company «Dom-Prava» TIN: 7721283196, main state registration number: 1157746080040. Address of the legal entity: 109444, Moscow, st. Tashkentskaya, house 10, building 2 (we work online, due to the temporary absence of an office, departure of a lawyer for consultation, work with legal entities — a lawyer will come to you).

    Bank details:

    LLC "Bank Tochka

    Bank accounts:

    40702810801500007413 — for paying in ruble;

    MOSCOW, bank identification code: 044525104