Commercial real estate lawyer

Commercial real estate lawyer

A commercial real estate lawyer of our company will help you deal with all the difficulties in working with the rented and purchased real estate in Russia. The peculiarities of Russian law are not always familiar to citizens of other countries, for this reason, the assistance of a qualified lawyer will be necessary to avoid errors, delays in state registration of contracts and the resolution of legal disputes. Real estate in the Russian Federation is divided into several types: residential, commercial, non-residential, office. Each type of real estate has its own characteristics of use and the procedure for sale or lease. Verification of documents confirming ownership, the right to sublease is required without fail, to reduce the likelihood of deception and fraud by dishonest people.

The practice of working with the real estate market in Russia of our company for more than 5 years, the accumulated knowledge and practical experience allow us to resolve any difficulties and additional questions arising from our clients. You can clarify all your questions and get a full answer for further actions on the purchase of residential real estate, lease of commercial real estate or a separate office. If you are looking for an office for the further activities of a company in Russia or a representative office of your corporation in Russia, we can offer you many proven business centers in Russia, with which we maintain business relations.

Commercial real estate lawyer in Russia

To obtain complete information about each property, it is necessary to request documentation from the Unified State Register of Real Estate, in order to obtain information about the presence or absence of third party rights or penalties or restrictions on the property. A commercial real estate lawyer will provide you with all the necessary information about the real estate object, as well as, if necessary, the owner of the real estate, for the correct drawing up of a contract or agreement, taking into account all possible concerns to protect the rights of our client. As part of this service, lawyers will help you:

  • Analyze and study information about the property, as well as the owner of the property; We will draw up a contract, agreement or agreements to settle all legal issues for the transfer of property into ownership, lease or long-term lease of real estate;
  • We will draw up additional agreements to change the content of an existing lease agreement or analyze a purchase and sale agreement;
  • We will carry out the procedure for state registration of the transfer of ownership or, in the case of a long-term lease, a lease agreement using an electronic digital signature, which our company, as the official agent of 4 Certification Centers in Russia, has the right to independently form in the agent's personal account. Registration of contracts in electronic form is much more profitable and faster than submission of documents to the relevant state authorities. If the client does not want to issue an electronic digital signature, all documents will be prepared for submission on paper to the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography; 
  • The cost of a complex of services of a lawyer in commercial real estate is 3000 euros, we provide consultations within the framework of the concluded agreement free of charge.

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    Commercial real estate lawyer at the Russian Court

    If you have already encountered work in the commercial real estate market in Russia, you are familiar with the process of litigation to collect debts from debtor companies. Our company offers you professional assistance in protecting your interests both in court and in negotiations with debtors. Possessing broad capabilities, we can reveal the presence of funds from the debtor, which he hides from collection. Check bank accounts, property, securities and real estate for foreclosure. The checks of the debtor are carried out before filing the statement of claim, since during the period of the trial, the debtor will take measures to hide or get rid of the property. When filing a statement of claim, knowing about the presence of property, we can provide the court with documents for seizure for subsequent recovery. If you need professionals with extensive experience and capabilities to verify the data and property of debtors, we are always ready to work with you.