Buying real estate in Russia

Buying real estate in RussiaBuying real estate in Russia by citizens from any country in the world requires legal registration and state registration of the transaction. Regardless of the type of real estate you want to purchase, the whole procedure consists of sequential steps from drafting and negotiating contracts, up to state registration and transfer of documents to the client. We begin our work with the definition of a real estate object, which will later be registered as the property of our client. All documents are processed based on the client's goal. In most cases, the interests of the client are represented by our employee under a power of attorney issued at the Consulate of the Russian Federation, which we are preparing for you. You can check the contents of the power of attorney using any program for translating text into another language.  

Buying an apartment or a cottage requires not only registration, but also verification of all documents for a particular property to exclude attempts to fraud and deception of our clients, as well as to verify the absence of the right of others to the property. The check is carried out in the unified state register of real estate, as well as according to the owner's data in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. If inconsistencies are revealed in the information provided to our lawyers about the real estate object, we inform you of the possible risks in the acquisition of the real estate object.

Buying real estate in Russia under the law

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the procedure for registering the purchase, donation, lease of real estate. The main document on the basis of which ownership is transferred from one person to another is a contract. The content of the contract can be determined in accordance with the agreements of the parties, but at the same time they are obliged to fulfill the mandatory conditions enshrined in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Our lawyers will help you with the complete paperwork, agreeing on the terms of the transaction with the seller or the lessor, and also protect your interests in the transaction, namely:

  • We will draw up a lease agreement, a sale and purchase agreement or another agreement provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • We will agree on the terms of the agreement with all parties to the transaction and offer a method for registering real estate using an electronic digital signature;
  • We will send documents for state registration of the transfer of rights to real estate. In case of illegal actions on the part of state authorities, we will appeal against all illegal decisions to refuse to register the transaction;
  • We will check the documentation and the rights of the owner from whom the property is being purchased. Such a measure is mandatory not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world, since the desire to quickly get money through fraud is present almost everywhere;
  • We will open a letter of credit account or a safe deposit box for transferring funds, for the safe transfer of finance from you to the seller. The transfer of funds in cash is not practiced in Russia, since a large amount of money attracts unnecessary attention;
  • The cost of all the services of our lawyers is 3500 euros, the price includes full support and protection of your interests and rights in court, at any stage of the transaction;

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Buying real estate in Russia without restrictions



    There are a number of restrictions on the sale of real estate in the Russian Federation. If the object belongs to several persons, then its sale without additional notary services is possible only with the participation of all owners of the property. Particular care should be taken to apartments and houses where minor children live, namely, they are owners. Since when a minor participates in a transaction, the consent of a special state body is required and the chance of challenging the transaction in court is very high. For this reason, our lawyers first of all analyze the composition of the persons participating in the transaction in order to eliminate difficulties in the further execution of documentation. Buying real estate in Russia will be a good investment in the future and will enable you to visit Russia more often.