About us

About us - Legal Company Legal Company «Dom-Prava» is a reliable and self-reliant subject of the legal services market in Russia, Europe, the USA and, Asia and Australia. We are engaged in the implementation of only high-quality and feasible tasks that our clients put before us. Compliance with the law, the shortest execution time, the resolution of difficult legal issues, the provision of qualified assistance from lawyers — these are the main tasks of our activity. You can write a lot about the company, but it is better to check it at work. Well-coordinated work and a responsible approach to fulfilling the obligations assumed is the main task of every company. We carry out activities not only in the Russian Federation, international corporate activities for the creation of legal entities, obtaining information from trade registers and apostille, solving complex legal problems, which we undertake in all countries of the European Union, the USA and Asian countries. We also work directly with offshore zones.

A few words about us:

We carry out our activities in many countries of the world, including those difficult for many entrepreneurs, as well as in the Russian Federation. The location of the head office in Russia allows us to provide assistance throughout the country, because due to the introduction of digital technologies in Russia and the possibility of issuing electronic digital signatures, our company will help businessmen and foreign citizens from any country in the world to start or expand a business in the Russian market , file a lawsuit on the territory of Russia and obtain the necessary documents from the state Departments and Ministries of the Russian Federation.

Moscow is a separate region with the largest number of business representatives from all over the world. Moscow is a huge city, a capital, a port of five seas, the market for the provision of legal services here is very extensive and diverse. But in many cases, the price  quality ratio of the services provided does not match the promises made by many companies and individual entrepreneurs. The company «Dom-Prava» aims to improve the quality of services provided at reasonable prices. Regardless of your state of mind and the difficulty of the task at hand, the lawyers of «Dom-Prava» will be polite and prudent when communicating with each client and will provide reasoned answers to the questions posed to them, listen to your arguments and bring any started case to its logical conclusion.

Legal Company «Dom-Prava» is always ready to help with any problem or trouble that has arisen. Legal advice will help to avoid difficulties in resolving the arisen dispute, solving the problem and eradicate possible violations of the law at any stage of the movement towards a successful result.