Buying land in Russia

Buying land in RussiaBuying land in Russia for many buyers or sellers raises many questions that require clarification from a lawyer. We provide services for the preparation of the necessary documentation, which is the basis for the emergence of ownership of land plots, we carry out state registration of ownership with obtaining all the required documents. Buying land in Russia for foreign citizens has its own characteristics, primarily related to taxation and registration of property rights. To submit documentation on a transaction, either the personal presence of all parties to the transaction being made is required, or the submission of documentation using an electronic digital signature on behalf of all parties to the transaction, or representation of the interests of one of the parties by a proxy by a representative. Our employees will help you to issue a power of attorney at the Consulate of the Russian Federation on the territory of your state, or we will offer you to issue an electronic digital signature.  

Depending on the goals and objectives of using the land plot, the legislation provides for various lists of documentation attached to the application for registration of rights to the land plot. Registration of the transfer of rights under a sale and purchase agreement or a gift agreement is very similar in terms of the list of documents, and if you need a land plot to carry out entrepreneurial activities or to build residential buildings, to create a cottage village, then the list of documents changes significantly. In order to avoid the appearance of errors that cause additional difficulties for our clients, all the documentation on the transaction is prepared by our lawyers.  

Buying land in Russia by law  

The legal concept of a land plot is established by Article 11.1 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, according to which a land plot is a part of the earth's surface, the boundaries of which are determined in accordance with federal laws. In cases and in accordance with the procedure established by federal law, artificial land plots may be created. Land plots are characterized by unique features (including area, borders) during cadastral registration, such information is reflected in the state real estate cadastre. According to the current civil legislation of Russia, land plots are classified as real estate, which indicates the need for state registration of the transfer of rights. We will help you with full registration, the service includes:

  • Drawing up contracts that are the basis for the transfer of rights. These can be contracts of purchase and sale, donation or other contracts stipulated by the legislation of Russia;  
  • Regi0stration of ownership of a land plot in the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography using an electronic digital signature or by power of attorney drawn up at the Consulate of the Russian Federation on the territory of the client's state;  
  • Collection of missing documentation for registration of ownership of a land plot, assistance in changing the purpose of land;  
  • Appealing in court unlawful decisions regarding a land plot and solving a problematic situation when the state registration of rights is suspended;  
  • Appealing against an unlawful refusal to register the transfer of ownership;  
  • The cost of our services for full support and paperwork is 3500 euros.  
  • Our company is the official agent of four certifying agents, thanks to which we are able to promptly create electronic digital signatures for any purpose, including for working with the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography. With the help of an electronic digital signature, we will be able to submit documents to the state register of rights to a land plot directly from our office, the period of validity of an electronic digital signature is one year. At the same time, the size of the state fee for you will be 30% lower when submitting through the Internet portal service of the state registration of the cadastre and cartography using an electronic digital signature;  
  • Our employees will draw up the text of the power of attorney for processing at the Russian Consulate on the territory of the client's state You will be able to view the translation using any program for another language;  
  • If necessary, lawyers will represent your interests in courts on the territory of Russia.

If you have any questions, write to us in the chat, in the lower corner of the screen or send a message to our company email. You can also use the feedback form, which you can see below, for a prompt response from lawyers:



    In accordance with Article 131 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, ownership and other property rights to immovable things, restrictions on these rights, their emergence, transfer and termination are subject to state registration in the unified state register of real estate by bodies that carry out state registration of rights to real estate and transactions with it, this is how the rights to land plots are registered, an agreement or transaction that has not passed the state registration procedure is considered not to have entered into force and the transfer of rights does not occur.  

    The buying land in Russia is carried out with the obligatory state registration of the transaction  

    Registration in Russia is not only subject to ownership of a land plot, but also the right to lease a land plot in the case of a lease for a period of more than one year. The body that carries out state registration of real estate rights is obliged, at the request of the rightholder, to certify the registration made by issuing a document on the registered right or transaction, or by making an inscription on the document submitted for registration. But the practice of making inscriptions on official documents is present during a notarized transaction. At the same time, starting from 2017, only an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate is a confirmation of the registration of the right.  

    Legal assistance in buying land in Russia for citizens of all countries of the world  

    Our company provides assistance in purchasing land in Russia for foreign citizens and Russian citizens living in other countries and on other continents. The experience and practice of specialists allows us to provide assistance from the beginning to the end of the entire procedure for the transfer of ownership to the new owner. If you have any problems in Russia and you need an experienced real estate lawyer to defend your rights and interests in Russia, we will provide you with a lawyer.