Russian real estate for sale

Russian real estate for saleTo date, it is no secret that real estate transactions are subject to mandatory state registration in Russia and other countries of the world. But the Russian real estate for sale a raises a lot of questions and concerns caused by cases of fraud and conspiracy, illegal processing of documents and digital signatures, and making sham transactions. Registration of agreements on the transfer of ownership of real estate represents the final stage of the transaction. Since, in accordance with article 551 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, contracts and transactions with real estate are subject to mandatory state registration in order to be able to dispose of real estate. Our company will help you from beginning to end. Selling real estate in Russia can be carried out both with the personal presence of both parties to the contract, and in electronic form, using an electronic digital signature. Representation of the interests of one of the parties by proxy is also permissible by the Civil Law of Russia.

The legislation provides for a number of restrictions under which a mandatory appeal to a notary is necessary, namely, from June 2, 2016, the federal law No. 172-ФЗ expanded the list of transactions subject to mandatory notarization. The list includes the following real estate transactions:

Transactions on the alienation of shares in the right of common ownership of real estate, including the alienation by all participants of shared ownership of their shares in one transaction, are subject to notarization (new version of Article 24 of the Federal Law of July 21, 1997 No. 122-ФЗ “О state registration of rights to real estate and transactions with it ”);

Transactions related to the disposition of real estate under guardianship, as well as transactions on the alienation of immovable property belonging to a minor citizen or a citizen recognized as having limited legal capacity, are subject to notarization (new version of Article 30 of the Federal Law of July 21, 1997 No. 122-ФЗ “On state registration of rights to real estate and transactions with it”);

From July 1, 2019, transactions on the alienation of shared real estate are carried out in simple written form if all shared owners are involved in the transaction.

Russian real estate for sale lawyer accompanies your contract

The procedure for registering real estate purchase and sale contracts according to their procedure is not complicated, but when taking actions from drawing up a contract to receiving money from one side of the contract and the other from real estate, many questions arise that require a response from a lawyer. Selling real estate in Russia, for a person who does not have knowledge in the field of Civil Law of the Russian Federation and is not familiar with the nuances in banking, raises many concerns. Today, electronic registration of real estate transactions with the help of digital signatures has become available, including for foreign citizens. Our company offers the following assistance in registering real estate transactions in Russia:

  • Specialists will prepare the necessary documents for registration of the transaction;
  • We issue an electronic digital signature on the parties to the transaction; the digital signature is produced without intermediaries;
  • We will create documents for sending on the Internet portal of Rosreestr;
  • We will send the results of the transaction by e-mail and transmit the completed digital signatures;
  • Registration of the contract in simple written form, without the use of an electronic digital signature;
  • The cost of the service is 1200 euros for all types of real estate transactions. A fixed price makes it possible to compete in the real estate market in Russia for foreign citizens, the service includes:
  • Russian real estate for sale with drawing up a contract, transaction, contract (gift, sale, lease) and drawing up an act of acceptance and transfer of real estate;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents in Russia for the registration of the contract, we will receive a tax number and SNILS for you in Russia, without your arrival in the country;
  • Representation of our client’s interests at the conclusion of the transaction and control over its registration in the public service;
  • Transfer of documentation to the client and provision of consulting services on issues of interest.

If you have any questions, write to us in the chat, in the lower corner of the screen or send a message to our company email. You can also use the feedback form, which you can see below, for a prompt response from lawyers:




    When buying an apartment by spouses and registering property for one of the spouses, the consent of the spouse is required, certified by a notary or an employee of the Russian Consulate. When selling real estate that is jointly acquired in accordance with the Family Code of the Russian Federation, the consent of the spouse is also required, unless the property is acquired in joint ownership and registered for each spouse in equal shares, as well as if the property being sold belongs to the spouses in equal parts.

    • The transfer of funds at the conclusion of the contract of sale occurs through a bank cell or letter of credit. Since these methods are the most reliable for each of the parties to the contract.
    • The purchase and sale agreement is signed at the bank after laying in the cell or transferring funds equal to the price of the agreement to the letter of credit. Gift agreements are signed immediately upon their submission for registration. Our lawyers by proxy received from you will be able to ensure the security of the entire transaction at any stage.
    • State registration of transactions with real estate lasts 10 days from the date of submission of documents for the transaction. The total term for registration and processing of the transaction, upon receipt by us of the above documents, will be 12 days. With the participation of a foreign citizen, the timing of paperwork does not differ.
    • A lawyer accompanies the interests of our client at all stages of the transaction, until the receipt of documents and cash from the bank.

    Russian real estate for sale with a guarantee

    Our work under a contract with you is responsibility and confirmation of the quality work of the company. For this reason, we are responsible for any violations that occur during the transaction and the execution of the contract. Our lawyers are well acquainted with all the features of real estate sales in Russia and will be able to protect your interests 100%. Russian real estate for sale requires attention and the correctness of the preparation of documents, since an error leads to a delay in achieving the goal.