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Real estate lawyerWorking with real estate in Russia, as in other countries of the world, requires knowledge and experience in legal work in the preparation of the relevant documents. A real estate lawyer will help you when buying, selling or donating real estate in Russia and will save you from possible fraudsters and unscrupulous buyers seeking to reduce the cost or force the property to transfer ownership of the property through illegal actions. The choice of real estate is a very difficult task for a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation, the features of the transfer process exist in all countries, and Russia is no exception. The rules laid down in legislative acts are binding throughout the country, the correctness of all procedures is the task of a real estate lawyer.

In Russia, it is allowed to register donation, purchase and sale agreements using an electronic digital signature, which must be issued for each of the parties to the transaction. Registration of an electronic digital signature is allowed for foreign citizens from any country in the world, while the execution of additional documents in Russia is our task. Real estate transactions are subject to mandatory state registration in Russia with the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography.

Real estate lawyer offers you the following services  

If you have a desire to purchase a house, apartment or land plot in the Russian Federation, and you need the help of a lawyer or attorney, our company will offer you its support and protection of your interests during the execution and registration of the transaction. The path from drafting documents to obtaining ready-made, registered documents is very difficult and the actions of lawyers on the part of the seller take all measures to protect their client. As part of this service, we offer you:

  • drawing up a purchase and sale agreement, donation or other agreement, depending on the task assigned to the lawyer; sending prepared documents to the seller with the wishes of the buyer;
  • study of comments and amendments to the agreement made by the seller or the seller's lawyer, further approval;
  • signing an agreement by power of attorney from you or signing an agreement using an electronic digital signature and sending the signed documents to the registering state body;
  • settlement of issues regarding payment under the sales contract;
  • In the Russian Federation, the safest methods of payment are letter of credit bank accounts or safe deposit boxes, since the transfer of funds upon signing an agreement is very dangerous;
  • The cost for the service is 2500 euros;
  • receiving registered documents and sending them to you by e-mail and DHL in originals.

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    A real estate lawyer will ensure your safety

    The process of registering rights to real estate is not complicated in its procedure, but with the turnover of real estate today and the workload of many participants in transactions, registration of rights causes a number of difficulties associated with huge queues at the registration authorities, with the inability to arrive and stay for a long time in the federal service state registration of the cadastre and cartography of participants in transactions.

    Our lawyers will relieve you of unnecessary worries and independently, will represent the interests of the parties to the transaction in the registration authorities and, if necessary, in other state and municipal authorities. In the event of difficulties or illegal actions on the part of officials, their decisions will be appealed in court to achieve the legality and correctness of registration of real estate. At the same time, we carry out all the necessary actions and procedures for entering the necessary information and changes into the unified state register of rights to real estate and transactions with it, obtaining the required documents and information from the real estate register.