Legal services for individuals in Russia

Legal services for individuals in Russia include a very large volume of services of lawyers and attorneys, ranging from obtaining a taxpayer identification number, which can be obtained by foreign citizens from all over the world, up to representing your interests in the courts of the Russian Federation, to protect the rights and legitimate interests as a person You and your business in Russia or collection of funds from a partner in Russia. Legal services for foreign citizens in Russia have their own characteristics, in particular, the large distance between clients and representatives requires a responsible approach to the fulfillment of obligations by a law firm. We offer you legal services in Russia and assistance in preparing various kinds of documentation without your presence in the country. Over 10 years of practice allows us to work promptly and without delays on our part.   Today, many services provided by state authorities in the Russian Federation can be provided in electronic form, if there is an electronic digital signature in Russia. Our company is the official representative of four certification centers in the Russian Federation, organizations that, on the basis of a license and in accordance with the current legislation of the country, form and encrypt data for the issuance of an electronic digital signature. Thanks to direct cooperation, we can provide your documents and receive an electronic digital signature on our own, thereby giving you the opportunity to access many resources.  Legal services for individuals in Russia include the following services As noted above, the volume of legal services that we can provide foreign citizens from almost all countries in the world is very large. Foreign citizens have the right to use many state services and draw up documents, even for further registration of pension contributions, if the labor activity was carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation and the payments provided for by law were transferred to the budget of the corresponding region. Our company offers you the following legal services in Russia:Obtaining a taxpayer identification number in Russia;Pension insurance in Russia (SNILS);Tax advice in Russia;Lawyer services in Russia;Legal services in Moscow;Obtaining a taxpayer identification number in Russia for a foreign company;Electronic digital signature in Russia;Representing your interests in the judicial system of the Russian Federation;Assistance with drafting agreements, contracts, processing transactions;Obtaining documents apostilled in Russia and other countries of the world;Registration of companies and representative offices in Russia for foreign citizens;Obtaining extracts from trade registers both in Russia and other countries of the world with delivery.If you have any questions or want to clarify any information, write to us in the chat in the lower corner of the screen or by e-mail of the company.Legal services for individuals in Russia are available on any continent and in any country Practice and experience of working with citizens of many countries allow our lawyers and advocates to help you in any situation requiring the protection of a lawyer or attorney. Communication, perception of the work of lawyers and attorneys in different regions of the world differs from each other, we work in the Asian region, Europe, North America and South America, in some cases and on various issues, we can send inquiries to African countries. At your request, we can request a number of data about the citizens of the Russian Federation, namely, the data of identity documents, prepare a complete dossier for an individual, clarify information about the presence of bank accounts in Russia, the presence or absence of documents submitted to the courts of the Russian Federation on behalf of the citizen Russia, information on travel by plane or train, as well as in relation to a citizen of a foreign state about crossing the Russian border. Our company will be glad to cooperate with you on issues of interest to you.

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