Offshore companies in Belize

Offshore companies in BelizeOffshore companies in Belize are a way of doing business that aims to remove most of the tax liability and the need to provide reports on the company's financial activities. Belize is a small state in Central America with a population of about 400 thousand people, which belongs to classical offshore companies and retains its status of a low-tax jurisdiction with favorable conditions for international corporations. Starting in 2019, several types of offshore companies can be formed in Belize: IBC and LTD (LLC). The International Business Company name must end with one of the valid suffixes: Ltd, Limited, Inc., Incorporated, Corp., Corporation, Societe Anonyme, or Sosiedad Anonima. The name of the company being created, as before, must be unique and not have repetitions. Companies registered in the form of LLC and IBC are exempt from paying taxes on profits (income) received outside the borders of the state. The application of English law in Belize makes it possible to legally apply the nominee service of both directors and beneficiaries when registering companies.

Our company offers you assistance in setting up an offshore company in Belize both with the use of a nominee service and without the use of this service. Offshore companies in Belize are exempted not only from paying taxes, but also from the obligation to conduct an audit and submit reports. The confidentiality of the data on the beneficial owners of the owners is protected by law, but in some cases, at the request of the country's courts, it can be provided. It is also worth noting that banks, in order to open accounts, will definitely request information about the ultimate beneficiaries of the company.

How to register offshore companies in Belize?

To get started, you need to choose the form of the company IBC or LTD (LLC). The minimum authorized capital of a company must not be less than 50,000 USD, and a minimum contribution is not required. To create a company, it will be necessary to obtain a number of information from the beneficiaries, which are described below in the text. Companies in Belize can obtain a Forex license, which makes it possible to consolidate their position as a broker and expand their business horizons to the world level. Our lawyers will help you with the following tasks:

  • We will register an offshore company in Belize both with the use of a nominee service and without using an additional service, including payment of all duties;
  • We will provide the registration address for 1 year, annual renewal is available;
  • We will provide services of nominee service in the company, both the director and the beneficiary;
  • We will prepare and certify the General Power of Attorney for the management of the company;
  • We will provide support for your company and solution of corporate issues in further work;
  • The cost of registering a company without a nominee service is 1200 euros; Specify the cost of registering a company with a nominee service additionally, because due to price dynamics, we need to find a service that is convenient and accessible to our clients;
  • Annual payments for the company are 1050 euros;
  • Apostille service in Belize.

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    Offshore companies in Belize and working with them

    If you decide to expand your business, while you have a clear task to remove the burden of tax liability from any of the company's activities, then offshore companies in Belize will suit you. The absence of taxes and reporting gives the addition of time and money that you spent on preparing documents. But at the same time, do not forget that offshore companies are not welcomed in all countries and you will need to think about where you will open an account for such companies, while we can offer support with opening an account in Russia and the countries of Europe, UAE, Asia, Venezuela and the USA.