TIN in Kazakhstan

TIN in KazakhstanOn the way to expanding your business and starting your company's business in any of the countries of interest, you may face difficulties associated with the need to obtain a number of documents to open an account without setting up a branch or representative office. Our company offers you the registration of TIN in Kazakhstan for an individual, which is necessary for the director of the company to open an account in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The whole procedure is carried out without your visit to the country, which makes it possible not to break away from important business tasks and continue working without losing time. It is worth paying special attention to the document itself, it exists only in electronic form and is not issued on a letterhead or in any other form. To check the number, you can go to the website of the registering state body, which is and check the registration as a taxpayer.   

Kazakhstan, like any progressive state, develops in foreign economic activity and investments in the country's economy will be beneficial for each of the parties. The entrepreneur will be able to carry out activities and increase profitability, and the state will strengthen the economy through investments and taxes that will go to the budget. Kazakhstan, together with the Republic of Belarus, as well as Russia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, form the Eurasian Economic Union, which makes it possible for participants to receive a number of tax breaks when importing and exporting within the union.

TIN in Kazakhstan for an entrepreneur

As noted above, business development can be carried out in any country in the world that has a number of economic and tax factors that contribute to an increase in the profitability of a company or an individual entrepreneur, but in order to start activities and obtain, for example, a BIN of a company in Kazakhstan, the head of a legal entity must be assigned to is registered as a taxpayer and must be issued with a taxpayer identification number (TIN). Our company will help you with this task, namely:

  • Get an TIN in Kazakhstan for an individual;
  • We will draw up all the necessary documents for registration of a taxpayer number;
  • We will contact the government service to complete the document;
  • We will provide you with the registration field. It is worth noting that the staging is carried out electronically, without issuing a document on paper, but at the same time it is possible to print the form itself, which is present in the Tax Administration system;
  • The cost of tax registration services in the Republic of Kazakhstan is 210 euros. The cost of the service includes registration in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and support of the client in the preparation of documents, the cost of additional documents required for registration of the TIN in Kazakhstan is not included in the indicated amount.

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    TIN in Kazakhstan for opening an account

    The taxpayer number is a mandatory document for opening bank accounts in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Registration and provision of a taxpayer number to the bank will give you a wide range of opportunities on the territory of the state. You will be able to conduct business in the company and receive funds from business partners located in Kazakhstan without unnecessary difficulties. At the same time, if you decide to become the first head of a company that is a resident of Kazakhstan, you will definitely need a TIN to manage the company. We will be happy to help you in obtaining a TIN in Kazakhstan and will assist in the preparation of the necessary documents!