Lawyer services in Russia

Lawyer services in RussiaThe lawyer services in Russia are required by many legal entities, citizens of Russia, as well as foreign citizens who are faced with serious problems in Russia. A lawyer can help resolve both a non-complicated dispute and a serious criminal case. A visit to Russia, like any other country that is not a country of residence, always raises questions about how to behave in those areas of the country, how to protect your rights in Russia, who can assist in protecting the rights and legitimate interests in the Russian Federation. The services of a lawyer in Russia will help foreign citizens arriving and residing in Russia, as our lawyers are familiar with the legal systems of many countries and will be able to draw analogies with the legislation of your state.  

The language barrier and difficulties in communicating with state authorities, courts, and citizens become an insurmountable problem in resolving your issues. Many tasks are very simple, but additional difficulties, as, for example, described above, will cause temporary and financial difficulties. A lawyer in Russia will help you with all legal issues, as well as questions about starting or ending a business.      

Lawyer services in Russia for foreign citizens of all countries  

The scope of services that a lawyer can provide in Russia is very extensive, but they can be combined into one large group — legal services. Help from lawyers Important in matters in which a mistake entails substantial losses or fines. Our attorneys can offer you the following assistance:  

  • Creating a business in Russia;  
  • Registration of required documents in state authorities of the Russian Federation;  
  • Submission of inquiries to state authorities of the Russian Federation;  
  • We provide assistance with the purchase or sale of real estate in Russia, as well as the search and conclusion of rental agreements for residential and non-residential real estate; 
  • Help in finding information about citizens of the Russian Federation and their location;   We work with banks in Russia on opening accounts for foreign companies and individuals; Opening and closing of a representative office in Russia;  
  • Other services necessary for our clients, the cost of the service depends on the complexity of the task, the minimum cost of a lawyer is 1700 euros, if your task will be related to representation in the courts, then the cost can be significantly higher .  

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    Lawyer services in Russia for foreign companies and representative offices

    Foreign companies from different continents operate in Russia, if you are going to develop your business in the Russian Federation and you need support in working with the Federal Tax Service, banks, the Federal Customs Service and other government and commercial structures, our lawyers will help you with these issues and will provide professional support both at the initial stage of the development of your business in Russia and in the future. Since work in another state is difficult, due to the peculiarities of the legal system, the support of a lawyer will help you save time and money for resolving disputes or difficulties that arise.