Tax advice in Russia

Tax advice in RussiaTax advice in Russia for individuals and legal entities is one of the services provided by our company on issues. If you decide to do business in Russia, develop a new business or doubt the legitimacy of the tax notifications sent to you by the Russian authorities or want to challenge the decisions of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation — tax advice in Russia will give you an answer to your questions. The completeness of knowledge about mandatory payments to the budget for legal entities and real estate owners in Russia will help you avoid the cost of paying fines, fines and difficulties in business operation. Legal advice on taxes is an important information resource when starting work in a new country for you, since the legislation is subject to dynamics under the influence of changes in public relations and the emergence of new ways to use gaps in the legislation allow you to form a policy and action plan for your business. Tax advice in Russia will allow you to broaden your horizons in individual issues, while the information will remain with you in writing for the necessary repetition.  

As part of this service, tax advice is also provided for individuals in relation to all objects of taxation, be it a real estate object or a vehicle purchased and registered in Russia. Tax advice is provided in writing, since certain issues require detailed elaboration and clarification of information in the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.    

Tax advice in Russia will help you in solving many issues on the territory of Russia

The volume of issues included in the service provided is very extensive and concerns exclusively the norms of the tax legislation of the Russian Federation, in relation to the taxation of legal entities, individuals and individual entrepreneurs, in particular:

  • Consultation on taxation and search for the taxpayer of the most appropriate course of action, depending on the goals;
  • We will provide consulting services on current operations and tax payments in the activities of the enterprise, we will take part in the implementation of complex projects, support in the implementation of investment projects, in the conduct of tax audits;
  • We will assess the tax consequences for upcoming transactions, develop recommendations on the optimal conditions for the transaction;
  • We will help you choose the optimal organizational and legal form for new businesses and help you structure new lines of business or restructure existing ones in order to optimize tax and reduce tax risks;
  • We will inform you about changes in tax legislation and draw the attention of our clients to the importance of constantly updating all issues related to taxation, since the legislation on taxes and fees often and significantly undergoes dynamics, and financial risks are high, especially when hiring foreign citizens;
  • Other tax advice in Russia on other issues of interest to our clients;
  • The cost of the service is 560 euros, depending on the complexity of the issue and the task, additional costs are possible, which are indicated in the contract.

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    Taxation is in the first place among representatives of small, medium and large businesses and start-up entrepreneurs. Opportunities to save on taxation by taking advantage of the measures provided by the law will have a very favorable effect on business development. Many foreign citizens need such information on various issues regulated by Russian tax law. We will help you speed up the procedure for resolving a dispute that has arisen or a situation requiring clarification.  

    Tax advice in Russia and representation of your interests in the Federal Tax Service  

    Interaction with the tax authorities of the Russian Federation on taxation of foreign legal entities, their branches and representative offices, as well as legal entities registered by you in Russia plays an important role in the provision of this service. The settlement of disputes with fiscal authorities for individuals and legal entities is our immediate task. We analyze the notifications sent to the taxpayer about the accrual of penalties and other penalties. We correct mistakes made by territorial inspectorates of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation when processing documents and entering information.

    The scope of the service includes:

    • Analysis of the information received from the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation;
    • Preparation of a taxpayer's position or minimization of costs in case of missing a payment (if such minimization is possible);
    • Representing interests in the Federal Tax Service on taxation of a foreign company, a legal entity registered by you in Russia, as well as other issues requiring the support of a lawyer;
    • Assessment of the position of the Federal Tax Service of Russia and proposal of measures to overcome the difficulties encountered;
    • The cost of consulting on taxes of a foreign legal entity and a legal entity registered by you in Russia with a representative office in the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation is 800 euros.  

    Incorrectly calculated taxes or re-collected taxes can also be either canceled, which occurs in case of illegal accrual, or returned, which is possible with illegal collection of taxes. We will try to solve your problems and provide you with the tax advice you need.