Electronic digital signature in Russia

Electronic digital signature in RussiaElectronic digital signature in Russia is becoming an increasingly popular way of working with Federal services and state portals. Registration of an EDS for legal entities allows, without leaving the office, to submit documents for state registration of changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities or the Charter, register a branch of an LLC in any region of the Russian Federation, as well as submit reports to the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund, the Social Insurance Fund of Russia. If your company participates in tenders, the digital signature will help you to generate and send documents from the office without wasting paper and without worrying about the completeness of the documentation, because in case of a shortage, the system will warn you. If you are outside Russia or you decide to start a business in Russia, an electronic digital signature will help you, without leaving your home, to carry out all the necessary actions to create a company or register an individual entrepreneur, if, in accordance with Russian legislation, you have the right to do so. It should be noted that the release of electronic signatures for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs from January 01, 2022 will be carried out only by the Federal Tax Service in the territory of the Russian Federation, check the information at our e-mail address.

Registration of an electronic digital signature is possible not only for legal entities, but also for individuals and individual entrepreneurs. Foreign citizens also have the right to issue such a signature in Russia, since a number of public services, such as registration of the transfer of ownership of real estate in the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography or registration of a limited liability company, may also be required for a foreign citizen. The list of documentation that must be provided when registering one or another type of electronic digital signature is not the same and requires clarification with each client's request.

Electronic digital signature in Russia for a legal entity and individual entrepreneur

The most popular service for the registration of an electronic digital signature is the registration of a signature for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. The need for this kind of signature every day becomes more and more relevant and practical to save time when working with government authorities or counterparties. We offer you the registration of an electronic digital signature in Russia for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, individuals as an official agent of five certification centers:

  • To issue an electronic signature, a legal entity will need scanned copies of the passport and SNILS of the General Director, a scanned copy of the certificate of registration of a legal entity (it is worth noting that if the legal entity was registered before January 01, 2017, then there must be two certificates), an order of appointment or decision (protocol). Important information is that today, electronic signatures are issued only to companies registered in the Russian Federation. The law provides for the possibility of issuing such signatures to foreign companies, but to date these provisions of the law have not been implemented;
  • We will check all documents and issue an electronic signature within one hour or one working day after payment for the service. In case of non-compliance, documents with the requirements of the Certification Centers or failure to pass the check, the electronic signature is not issued, the funds are returned to your account;
  • The cost of issuing an electronic signature for a legal entity depends on the volume of powers included in the electronic signature: a signature for the Federal Tax Service and the portal for working with government agencies https://www.gosuslugi.ru/ costs 350 euros, an electronic signature for filing value added tax in electronically costs 480 euros. You can check with our lawyers about other types of electronic signatures by e-mail;
  • If it is necessary to issue an electronic signature for an individual or an individual entrepreneur, we will need scanned copies of the passport and SNILS of a person who wants to issue an electronic signature; separately for an individual entrepreneur, it is necessary to provide a certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur. The cost of an electronic signature for an individual is 250 euros, the cost of an electronic signature for an individual entrepreneur is 350 euros, and for filing value added tax is 480 euros;
  • If necessary, the person applying for the electronic signature must be in contact through Skype or Zoom in order to be able to verify the identity and personally meet with an employee of our organization;

If you still have questions, write to us in the chat in the lower corner of the screen or use the feedback form, which you can see below, for a prompt response from a lawyer:



    Electronic digital signature in Russia for an individual

    For citizens of Russia and foreign citizens, electronic signatures can be useful for working with the Federal Tax Service or the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography, the Federal Customs Service and other state authorities. When submitting documents for registration of an electronic digital signature, it is always worth making sure of the powers of the persons who draw up your signature, so that your data is not passed on to third parties. With the help of an electronic signature, it is possible to register the transfer of ownership under contracts of sale, donation or other contracts aimed at the disposal of real estate. Many services of the authorities of the regions of Russia also become available to you. The main advantage of such a signature when creating a new business for an individual is that filing documents with the tax service in electronic form is not subject to duty, and even in case of refusal, you can submit documents again, correcting everything that was wrong.