Pension insurance in Russia — SNILS

Pension insurance in Russia - SNILSEvery foreign citizen who decides to work, live or start an entrepreneurial activity in Russia is faced with the task of obtaining pension insurance in Russia — SNILS. Our company offers assistance to foreign citizens in obtaining pension insurance in Russia. We will ensure that the document is received without your presence, we will send it anywhere in the world through the DHL delivery service. Pension insurance is necessary if you are going to work in Russia, since you will be able to receive a pension when you reach the age provided for by Russian legislation.

When self-registration of pension insurance and receipt of SNILS by a foreign citizen, the question often arises — where to get SNILS for a foreign citizen? At the same time, when applying to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, you will be required to translate your passport, register at the place of stay and apply to the department corresponding to your registration, which requires a visit to the Russian Federation.

Pension insurance in Russia (SNILS) is possible for a citizen of any country  

If you doubt the possibility of obtaining pension insurance in Russia for citizens of your country, then in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, SNILS can be issued both independently and through the employer with whom you intend to enter into labor relations. To obtain SNILS, a foreign citizen in Russia will need to submit the following documents to the Pension Fund of Russia for our lawyers to complete the necessary document:

  • Passport of a foreign citizen, you must send a scanned copy. Since for registration of pension insurance, employees of the Pension Fund of Russia need to see the exact data of a foreign citizen. We carry out the translation of the passport ourselves, for submission to the Pension Fund of Russia;
  • The cost of registration of pension insurance in Russia (SNILS) is 100 euros, the processing time is up to seven banking days. Initially, after processing the documents, you will be sent a photograph of SNILS, after which we receive the original document within two days;
  • The volume of documents for obtaining SNILS by a foreign citizen is minimal and at the same time only scanned copies are required and your visit to Russia is not required;
  • The cost of delivery by DHL, UPS to the client's address is paid separately at the rates of the delivery company;
  • Production of documents is carried out on the basis of an agreement concluded between our company and the client, the prepayment is 100% of the cost of the document for the sent invoice or request through the PayPal payment system.

If you have any questions, write to us in the chat, in the lower corner of the screen or send a message to our company e-mail. You can also use the feedback form, which you can see below, for a prompt response from lawyers:



    Pension insurance in Russia (SNILS) in a short time

    Our capabilities allow a foreign citizen to receive documents within no more than seven banking days, without personal presence and even when the client is in another country. SNILS can be obtained by citizens of all countries of the world, our task is to help you and obtain a document online. It has become much easier to issue pension insurance for a foreign citizen with the help of our company's specialists. If in your company, which is located both in Russia and abroad, there is a need to obtain SNILS for employees or for you personally, we can help you with any volume of documents.