Legal Services for business

Legal Services for businessLegal services for business in Russia are very diverse, assistance for foreign companies is provided in resolving issues regulated by Russian law, participation in courts and negotiation processes, to prevent lengthy proceedings in the courtroom, search for the debtor’s property in real estate registers, accounting in the Russian Federation, as well as the settlement of disputes with government agencies and economic services in Russia. Our company offers its services to both businesses and individuals, both citizens of Russia, living outside the country, and foreign companies, and citizens of any country in the world. The importance of being able to contact a lawyer or lawyer anywhere in the world is of the greatest importance, our specialists will help protect your rights on the territory of the Russian Federation and help resolve the difficulties that have arisen from the point of view of international law.  

Difficulties in working with Russian law for foreign citizens are associated, first of all, with the language barrier, which does not allow to fully understand and correctly apply the provisions of the law. The lawyers of our company analyze the situation that they have to resolve and fully understanding the essence of the problem, give the client their assessment of further actions and the result for the client. Our task is to protect our client as much as possible from the consequences of legal measures that may be applied by the state, creditor or debtor.

Legal services for business include a large list of tasks

A large tangle of legal services can be divided into separate categories that allow you to determine the essence of the problem. For separation, we use a gradation for working with legal entities and individuals, then everything proceeds from the main division. Our company offers you:

  • Defense in court and arbitration court, if necessary, protection is provided in criminal cases;
  • Company registration in Cyprus;
  • Company registration in Hong Kong;
  • Company registration in Russia;
  • Assistance in processing various kinds of documents in Russia without your visit to the country. Individual documents cannot be drawn up without the presence of a foreign citizen, and we cannot step over the norms of the law;
  • Company tax number in Russia;
  • Company BIN number in Kazakhstan;
  • Obtaining information about individuals and legal entities in the Russian Federation, as well as additional services for tracing property;
  • Assistance in dissolving marriage with Russian citizens and determining the procedure for communicating with children or a child;
  • Settlement of issues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and other state bodies of the Russian Federation;
  • Obtaining data on legal entities in Russia for starting a trial in the UK, USA, Singapore and other countries of the world;
  • Starting a business in Russia;
  • Other types of services at the request of the client.

You can clarify the information you are interested in or place an order through the email.

Legal services for business and its creation

Setting up a company or a representative office in Russia can help you reach new horizons in company development or open a market with a very high profitability. Our company will help you from start to finish, accompanying your activities in Russia. Many of the features associated with the work of government agencies will not bother you, since lawyers will complete all the necessary tasks and find a solution. If you need the professional help of a lawyer, we are always happy to work with you!

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