Company registration in Dubai (IFZA)

Company registration in DubaiThe United Arab Emirates is a country of great opportunities for business and entrepreneurs from any country in the world. The special economic zones present in the UAE allow you to start a new business or expand an existing one on special terms. Dubai is one of the most prestigious free trade zones (FREE ZONE) and the formation of a company in such an emirate will give you a high level of prestige and trust from existing or future partners around the world. Company registration in Dubai will give you the opportunity to use the unique opportunities of a special zone to develop any type of business. The management of the Dubai Free Economic Zone provides us with unique opportunities for opening companies remotely, obtaining various licenses, obtaining visas and providing real offices in one of the most beautiful cities in the UAE — Dubai. The UAE is an actively developing country that has been a member of OPEC since 1967 and has enormous potential; the largest companies in various business areas are concentrated on the territory of free zones. Our company will provide you with the opportunity to register a company online, obtain a license or renew it. If you intend to visit the UAE, we will provide you with the opportunity to obtain a visa, as well as assist you in renting an office for the company in the UAE.

In the procedure for opening a company in Dubai, there are a number of established rules and requirements from the governing structure of the free economic zone. The provision of documents is carried out only in the form of a scanned copy, it is not allowed to send photographs and other methods of copying, which does not make it possible to fully study the document. If we compare the existing free economic zones in the UAE, then IFZA Dubai has a number of advantages over other zones. First of all, a stable legislative system not subject to change for at least the next 30 years. In some free zones, changes in legislation are made almost every month. IFZA has the unique ability to combine up to 7 activities in one license and is the unique representative of such a service in the UAE. All processes for registering companies, obtaining licenses, obtaining visas and registering offices (if necessary) can be carried out online with mandatory verification of documents by us and by IFZA.

Company registration in Dubai online

If you decide to start or move your business to Dubai, then the first step on your way will be to register a company and obtain a license to conduct business. It should immediately be noted that two types of companies can be created in the UAE. The former are located inside the country outside the aisles of free trade zones; a number of rules are applied for them that are not convenient for foreign businessmen and investors. In particular, the mandatory participation of UAE citizens as the beneficiaries of the company with a total share of at least 51%, which makes it inconvenient to run a profitable business. Also, for such companies, an office and the application of tax rates (which may increase several times during the year) are obligatory. Companies registered in free trade zones have radically different, positive features, namely:

  • The company can have 100% participation in the authorized capital of foreign beneficiaries, there is no need to involve UAE citizens;
  • Opportunity to operate in the free zone where the company is registered and outside the UAE;
  • Company licenses are issued directly by the free trade zone when registering a company;
  • Office space is not mandatory for most activities in IFZA Dubai, there are several activities that require an office in IFZA;
  • Zero tax rates, which is the most attractive element of working in a free economic zone in Dubai;
  • The strategically important territorial location of the company in Dubai will give you the opportunity to access world markets;
  • Company registration in 1 working day.

Based on the presented positive aspects of the free trade zone in Dubai, we can conclude that it is relevant and attractive for businessmen, both large businesses and start-up entrepreneurs. To speed up the work, our company will help you with the following:

  • Preparation of documents according to the IFZA rules, I repeat that the registration procedure takes place online;
  • We will submit all documentation for registration in Dubai, then all procedures will be carried out in the UAE;
  • Will will advise you on IFZA opportunities and the benefits of using companies registered in Dubai, as well as fill out a license form. Note that licenses can be commercial, industrial and trade, but in the free trade zone in Dubai, types of activities can be combined in one license, up to 7 types of activities. It should be clarified that there are a number of activities that require a permit from the relevant government agencies;;
  • If you need to apply for a visa, then at the consultation stage, we will clarify this issue and proceed to the processing also online. At the same time, there are two possibilities to apply for a visa when you are already in the UAE or when you are outside the UAE;
  • At the start of work, you need to provide our company with three names of the future company to check the admissibility. All company names will end in FZCO.
  • The cost of a company issued without a visa with one founder (beneficiary) is from 18,500 dirhams, the cost depends on the type of license and additional slots in the form of the presence or absence of visas and offices, the cost is indicated in the UAE currency, when working, the cost can be converted into any currency of the world used in banking operations. We send you the initial information containing data on the registration of companies with a license for one year, if you are interested in a longer period, specify this question to the manager, and we will send the necessary data.
  • In case of additional questions and the need to obtain visas, offices, registration of several companies, check with our managers or company management, since in our company all links in the chain from the General Director to an ordinary employee work with clients.
  • If you are going to use company documents in another state (for example, open a bank account in Russia or another country) and you need consular legalization at the Consulate of a particular country, we can also take on this task after registering your company with the implementation delivery to the country of your location;
  • IFZA Banking Department will assist in opening an account with UAE banks. Since this is a very complex task, it takes a lot of time. We would like to point out that at the moment opening accounts for companies involving Russian citizens is very complicated and it is necessary to open a real office in the UAE and discuss this issue in advance.
  • With our help you can get a residency visa and Emirates ID, as the IFZA Free Trade Zone assists in these matters.

If you have any questions, write to us in the chat in the lower corner of the screen or send a message to our company e-mail. You can also use the feedback form, which you can see below, for a prompt response from lawyers:



    Company registration in Dubai to relocate a business from another state

    There are situations when doing business in the country of registration of the primary company becomes impossible or unprofitable for a number of reasons, or the country's legislation establishes a strict framework for doing business, or tax costs increase. Dubai is a stable territory with its own legislation, which is not subject to change for the next 30 years, which significantly increases the opportunities for return and income from business. If your company needs its own office, then we can also solve this problem. Offices are provided in various price categories and are located in the «silicon valley» of Dubai. We can also provide visas to your employees, when obtaining visas there are a number of rules regarding the type of visa and the education of the employee, which in some cases will need to be confirmed. Work in the UAE has always been and will be stable, and resistant to any world events affecting international business. We are waiting for you and will help you in resolving any issues related to business in the free trade zone in Dubai.