Company registration in Hong Kong

Company registration in Hong KongHong Kong is an autonomous territorial unit of the People's Republic of China, which became part of the country in 1997. According to the joint Sino-British declaration and the basic law of Hong Kong, the territory is granted wide autonomy until 2047, that is, within 50 years after the transfer of sovereignty. Hong Kong is the center of the financial and business life of China and the Asian region as a whole. Thanks to internal sovereignty and targeted investment attraction policies, as well as the availability of tax preferences that are beneficial for businessmen from all over the world, Hong Kong is developing at a very confident pace. Company registration in Hong Kong will give you the opportunity to trade with the largest countries in the world. The purchase of goods and their further sale does not cause additional tax burden, which is why Hong Kong is attractive for business representatives.

For the organization of work and further trading activities, you will need a company in Hong Kong, I am registered in accordance with the legislation of the administrative region of Hong Kong. At the same time, it is worth considering the peculiarities of the activity that you are going to engage in within the framework of the company, holding or corporation being created. A company created and not operating on the territory of Hong Kong acquires the status of an offshore company, becoming a profitable tool in business management. At the same time, Hong Kong does not belong to classical offshore companies, the main purpose of which is tax evasion. The Hong Kong government is making every effort to create the most comfortable and beneficial conditions aimed at simplifying the procedure for setting up a company.

Company registration in Hong Kong and its advantages

If you decide to develop an existing business or start a new business, a company registration in Hong Kong will give you ample opportunities in trade, logistics, transportation, online commerce, investment activities, provision of services, ownership and management of intellectual property results and in many other sectors of the economy. Success and an increase in the profitability of the business await. Our task is to help you in creating the company you need, providing the opportunity to submit accounting and financial statements and settle those arising in the course of work in the international trade arena. We will help you:

  • Register a company in Hong Kong in accordance with the laws of the administrative region of China;
  • Select the types of economic activities necessary for your activity, taking into account the specifics established by the legislation of Hong Kong;
  • We will carry out the receipt and delivery of documents to the created company at the address indicated by you, delivery is possible to any country with which there is a postal message from DHL, UPS, EMS;
  • When ordering company registration, you can additionally apostille registration documents to open accounts in other countries, as well as carry out Consular legalization;
  • Nominee service is provided in the person of the Director, shareholder, and also the Secretary of the company;
  • The cost of registering a company in Hong Kong depends on additional services and ranges from 1500 to 5500 euros. When making a request, you must specify the services of interest, which are present in the feedback form, which you can see below.
  • The cost of the service includes state duties and fees provided for by the legislation of the administrative region of Hong Kong;
  • The client is obliged to pay a fee annually to renew the company and provide a legal address;
  • As part of services for the registration of companies, our company provides assistance in opening bank accounts in Russia and other countries of the world, information on opening a bank account can be found here;

If you still have questions, use the feedback form that you can see below or write to us in the chat in the lower right corner of the screen, or send a message to the company's e-mail for a prompt response from lawyers:



    Company registration in Hong Kong for business development

    As discussed above, Hong Kong has a number of tax advantages in trading or other activities, including high technology. Many states «alienate» businessmen from their market due to the high level of taxation, which cannot be said about Hong Kong. If by your decision, a business is brought to the markets of the Asian region or you are interested in trading activities without increasing the tax burden, a company registration in Hong Kong will be the best choice. The lawyers of our firm will help you form the documentation for the registration of the company, advise you on the activities within your new company, and help open a bank account. It is worth noting that if your company does not plan to carry out any work directly on the territory of Hong Kong, then opening a bank account will be possible only in another country or region of the China.