Company tax number in Russia

Company tax number in RussiaCompany tax number in Russia is the way to new market in Russia. For a foreign legal entity, working in the Russian market can bring significant income, since working with external partners for enterprises and organizations in Russia makes it possible to receive subsidies from the state, while a foreign company does not need to open a representative office, but only to acquire a bank account by providing company tax number issued in Russia. In this case, we are talking about a foreign legal entity that is not a tax resident and has not opened a representative office on the territory of Russia, in connection with which the company does not have a foreign organization code and registration with the Russian tax authority. It should be noted that the code of a foreign organization is an integral part of the tax number (TIN) for a foreign company. Any foreign companies can obtain an identification number in Russia, even if they are part of an offshore zone or a zone of reduced taxation.

The Russian Federation, like any independent state, controls the presence of foreign counterparties in the country's market to control financial flows and adjust economic and financial policies. Control is carried out through the mandatory registration of a foreign legal entity with the Federal Tax Service of Russia, but the presence or absence of a representative office plays an important role. For companies wishing to open only a bank account, there is an obligation to obtain a company tax number (TIN) and a registration code (KPP).

How to get a company tax number in Russia?

The main regulatory legal act that enables foreign companies to open accounts in banks registered and operating in Russia is Federal Law of December 10, 2003 N 173-FZ “On Currency Regulation and Currency Control”. The procedure for opening such accounts, including special accounts, is established by the Bank of Russia. To obtain a tax number, you need to submit the relevant documents to the Federal Tax Service of Russia, our lawyers will help you in obtaining a company tax number, namely:

  • We will prepare the necessary forms for submission to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation;
  • We will arrange translations of the constituent documents of your organization with their notarization;
  • We will check the availability of an apostille on the necessary documents, as well as the need for apostille. Since obtaining a tax number of a company is possible, in some cases, without an apostille, but in the future, when contacting the bank, you will be required to submit all documents with an apostille;
  • We will send the required documents to the Federal Tax Service for registration of the tax number of the company in Russia;
  • We will receive and send it to your tax number at the address of your location or send it to your representative.
  • The cost of the service is 280 euros, the cost of the service does not include delivery, which we carry out at the rates of DHL or another transport company, as well as the cost of translation and notarization of constituent documents. The document will be received within 5-7 working days after preparation of translations certified by a notary in the Russian Federation.
  • Please note that if the country of origin of the company is not included in the list of countries of the «Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization of Foreign Official Documents of October 5, 1961», consular legalization will be required for the documents.
  • An additional service for obtaining a certificate from the tax authority of the country of origin (Tax Residence Certificate) for companies in most jurisdictions, from Latvia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Hungary, Venezuela, to offshore zones: Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, UAE and other countries. The cost of the service is from 850 euros due to the difficulty in obtaining a document. Processing time from 14 working days. Please note that issuing a Tax Residence Certificate is only possible when opening an offshore or other foreign company with our help, as soon as the registrar is able to obtain such a certificate.

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    Why you need to get a company tax number in Russia?

    The procedure, list of documents and the need for a foreign company to obtain a TIN are established by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for the possibility of a foreign company to open a bank account in Russia without having a branch or representative office in Russia. In this case, the registration and receipt of the TIN by a foreign company is carried out at the location (accounting) of the bank in which the account is opened. This rule is a starting point for contacting a particular tax office. In this case, the document is issued once and is applicable in any banks on the territory of the Russian Federation. Difficulties in obtaining a tax number for a foreign company arise due to a lack of knowledge of the procedure and requirements for registration of a foreign legal entity that does not have a representative office in the Russian Federation. To simplify the procedure, we will do everything for you, after receiving an identification number, we can assist in opening an account in the Russian Federation, including without a visit from the head of your organization.