Company registration in Russia

Company registration in RussiaRussia, like any developing state, is interested in attracting investment and developing business and international trade. Registration of companies in Russia allows not only to start an individual project, but also to launch an investment project with the participation of not only foreign companies, but also private investors. In Russia, it is possible to create both limited liability companies and joint-stock companies, and organizations in the form of a partnership and a peasant farm. To achieve this goal, a legal entity of a certain type is suitable and our lawyers will help you choose a company and create the necessary legal entity. The registering body of commercial companies in the Russian Federation is the Federal Tax Service, which exercises control over taxation. If you are interested in registering a company engaged in non-commercial activities, then in this case the registering authority will be the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

To choose one form or another of a legal entity, you need to know what you will be doing, that is, what will be the main activity of your business or startup. To start a new business that does not have significant funding and investor support at the initial stage, a limited liability company, which gives a number of privileges, is more suitable. If you decide to enter an investment project or organize a similar project on your own and the amount of investment is very significant, then a joint-stock company is suitable for you. Our lawyers will help you in not a simple choice of the organizational and legal form of your future company and the date of advice on the most profitable and optimal way for business development or investment project.

Company registration in Russia from start to finish

Foreign citizens have the right to open companies in the Russian Federation both in person and with the help of an electronic digital signature, which is drawn up in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Our company provides a full range of services required to register a new business with the participation of foreign partners. Attempts to independently carry out such a procedure will most likely lead you to failure, since in the absence of knowledge about a number of laws of the Russian Federation, creating a company becomes a very difficult task. In addition to properly prepared documents and forms, a participant or participants who decide to open a company are required to have a tax number in the territory of the Russian Federation and a pension insurance number. These documents are issued to any foreign citizen on the basis of an appropriate application. As a result, our lawyers will help you:

  • Choose the required organizational and legal form of the company; Prepare the necessary documents for a legal entity;
  • We will issue a tax number for each member of your company;
  • We will issue a pension insurance number for each of the participants;
  • We will issue electronic digital signatures for company registration;
  • We will offer accounting systems in the Russian Federation;
  • We will advise on taxation issues in the Russian Federation;
  • We will undertake to ensure the legal security of your business, both in working with partners and in the courtroom;
  • The cost of company registration in the Russia depends on the choice of the organizational and legal form of a legal entity, if you decide to register a limited liability company, then the cost of a set of documents with the registration of the company will be 580 euros if there is one participant in the company. The cost of paperwork for additional participants will be 330 euros for each participant.
  • If your goal is to create a joint stock company, the registration cost will be 830 euros, the number of shareholders does not matter. At the same time, pay attention to the additional costs of issuing shares, this process is carried out before the registration of the company in licensed organizations and the cost of the issue will be 400-600 US dollars.
  • Delivery of documents for the company, as well as additional documents is carried out by delivery services at rates for each of the countries of the world. Delivery cost is specified when drawing up a contract.

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    Company registration in Russia for investment

    Certain regions in the Russian Federation have a special economic status, and also attract investors with their natural resources, which are prohibited from exporting as raw materials outside the Russian Federation. Investing in the development of industry and mineral processing provides many benefits and confidence in increasing capital and preserving earned funds. The banking system of the country is very developed, tax rates in some regions reach 1% of the income received by the company. For this reason, the Russian Federation is a very attractive place to invest. We will help you choose the most profitable area for investments, analyze the market situation and provide an opportunity to create a business in Russia to capitalize your funds.

    We are waiting for your requests and will help in the implementation of business projects both in Russia and in 21 countries of the world, since our partner network is very extensive and allows us to solve many problems of our clients.