Opening accounts in foreign banks

Opening foreign bank accountsFor businesspersons, the speed of the turnover of funds between the accounts of partners and the transfer of funds from one account to another is very important. Opening accounts in foreign banks makes it possible to establish cooperation with companies located outside your state. Additional opportunities for foreign banks are a lower commission rate, the absence of foreign exchange control due to the peculiarities of the legislation of the country in which the bank is located, as well as the free circulation of the US dollar or euro, which today is the most used currency in international banking transactions. All access to profitable trading platforms allows you to enter new service markets. Many countries attract businessmen to increase profitability, while banks are very loyal to new clients and quickly open accounts for companies from around the world.

The process of opening an account and preparing documents can take from one week to several months it all depends on the requirements of the country’s legislation. The most advantageous information plays the role of information about your partners and services that can provide you with services for the provision of documents to a foreign bank.

Opening accounts in foreign banks with our help

As part of the services section, we assist you, of the present invention in opening accounts in foreign banks and advice on opening accounts and working with Russian banks, the list of services includes:

Working with banks located in other states requires experience and practice, our lawyers possess. We will solve the problems of providing additional documentation, answer all financial questions of bank managers, speed up the opening — this is the main task in our work. Taking into account the peculiarities of the country where the banks are located and the presence of loopholes in the law, we speed up the process of opening a foreign bank for your company as much as possible. If you need professional support from experienced lawyers, we will be happy to help you.


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