Opening bank accounts in Europe

Opening bank accounts in EuropeThe banking sector of European countries is distinguished by a very wide range of banks intended both for starting a business and for storing and managing significant company capital. Opening bank accounts in Europe will allow you to successfully carry out activities on the territory of the European Union and many countries of the world. Europe, famous for its conservatism, pedantic approach to any business, including in the work of banks, which leads to a very thorough check of future customers, especially when it comes to Swiss banks. Due to the large number of countries belonging to the European Union, the choice is possible for all types of companies, including offshore ones. But do not forget about the fact that the European Union is very critical of offshore zones, not accepting them without signing the Directives on the provision of information. If you decide to try to open accounts in Europe for an offshore company, be prepared for a lot of questions from the bank. Certain issues will require a solution with the involvement of an experienced lawyer, since additional documents or information that are not included in the general list of documents may be requested.

As mentioned above, the stability of the European banking sector, as well as moderation in economic and political relations, will help protect money from depreciation and loss of income. The European market allows you to make transactions and open accounts in many currencies of the world, which is a significant plus for business. Considering the possibilities of bank accounts in Europe, it would not be correct to point out some advantages. Despite all the possibilities, there are not a number of minuses that do not lie on the surface, but in particular, the need to provide documents on the origin of money, account maintenance is not free, residents of certain countries must be notified of the state authorities about opening an account and submit annual reports on the movement funds. Many European banks will require many additional documents.

Opening bank accounts in Europe with our help

The procedure for opening an account is directly related to the work of a lawyer, the help of our specialist will speed up the procedure for collecting documents, remove unnecessary anxiety due to a lack of understanding of the bank's requirements, and also save you from wasting time, which is always lacking. As part of this service, we offer you:

  • Provision of legal services for opening bank accounts in Europe in accordance with your requests and requirements;
  • Representing your interests in a chosen bank, from the beginning of work, to opening an account and supporting further work with the bank;
  • We will resolve any difficulties that arise with the bank's representatives to provide additional documentation and information;
  • We will provide consulting support at any stage of service provision;
  • We will legalize your documents for submitting them to the bank;
  • The total cost of the service depends on the bank you have chosen, the minimum cost is 1000 euros. The cost of the service does not include the collection and legalization of documents in the country of origin of the company, as well as translation into English and other languages. These services are optional.
  • If it is necessary to deliver documents to the country where the bank is located, delivery is paid according to the tariffs of the company that provides services for the delivery of goods and documents.

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    Opening bank accounts in Europe to expand your business

    Many businessmen on the way of business development are faced with the task of expanding the territory of activity both within the country and in other geographic territories. Working with partners in Europe will give you the opportunity to enter new markets, establish business relationships with promising partners. Working in Europe requires certain changes, including opening bank accounts in Europe for settlements with partners and clients. If you decide to direct your business development to the European markets, we will be happy to help you achieve results and help you open a bank account.