Opening account in banks of Moldova

Opening account in banks of MoldovaOpening account in banks in Moldova may be of interest to both individuals and foreign companies. Moldova is one of the first countries in the post-Soviet space to introduce the European system of economic and financial management. Today Moldova is successfully developing the banking sector, which makes it possible to successfully work with European markets. When working with banks, there are a number of features and rules that must be followed. First of all, if you need to open an account with banks in Moldova, your visit to the bank will be mandatory, and the meeting with the manager may take place several times. In connection with such requirements, we warn clients in advance about the duration of their stay in Moldova and take into account the required time to identify the client at the bank.

The opening of accounts for legal entities and companies registered on the territory of offshore zones is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. The most popular currency in the country is the national currency — the lev, as well as the US dollar, most of the operations are aimed at using these currencies. The largest banks working with non-residents are: Mobiasbanca, Moldindconbank, Energbank, Moldova Agroindbank. Our company provides assistance in opening accounts in all major banks.

Opening account in banks of Moldova for your company

The lawyers of our company will assist in working with banks in Moldova. Thanks to our experience and practice, we will help in opening an account, as well as assist in working with the bank and drafting contracts, notifications, inquiries and other documents related to your activities and work with the bank. We will help you:

  • Prepare the necessary documentation for submission to the bank in order to open an account;
  • We will agree on all changes according to the requirements of the bank, as well as draw up all additional documents;
  • We will advise on all issues related to opening a bank account on the territory of the Republic of Moldova;
  • We will offer the possibility of opening accounts in other countries, including the Russian Federation;
  • The cost of the service for opening an account in the Republic of Moldova is 1000 euros, the cost does not include additional costs associated with the translation of documents and the visit of the head of the company to Moldova;
  • Pay attention to the need for a mandatory visit to the bank of the director of the organization, since a conversation with a bank employee is mandatory.

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    Opening account in banks of Moldova for business expansion

    The opening of accounts in other countries is carried out not only for the transit of funds, but also for the expansion of activities. If your company has business interests in Transnistria and Moldova or countries that actively cooperate with banks of Moldova, you will be interested in the proposal to open an account in Moldova. The procedure for opening accounts is always the same, a visit to the country will be required. Accounts will help you to quickly carry out transactions and quickly establish relationships with new partners, as well as continue to work with regular customers and partners. If you are interested in such a service, we will be happy to assist you in implementing the procedure for opening an account in Moldova.