Opening bank accounts in Russia

Opening bank accounts in RussiaIn recent years, the Russian Federation has become more and more attractive to business representatives. Despite the restrictions caused by the «political games», the relevance of cooperation with Russia has not lost its strength. Opening bank accounts in Russia will allow you to establish transit with the countries of Asia and Europe, speed up the procedure for transferring funds, as well as open an account without additional difficulties that are in European banks and banks of other countries. Efficiency in opening bank accounts in Russia is the main criterion in choosing Russian banks. But with all the positive aspects of working with financial institutions in Russia, one should not forget about the prohibitions and peculiarities of the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as the division of banks of all countries into zones of trust and danger.

If you are going to register a new company and for some reason chose an offshore zone as an instrument of financial regulation (tax reduction, lack of direct access to information), then your main task will be to find out which bank will be able to provide you with its services. Almost all offshore zones are included in high-risk lists and not all banks in Russia work with them. But at the same time, it is possible to find a bank that will take on the service of an offshore company. It is possible that a number of banks will refuse to service, but for these purposes, we help businessmen in finding and successfully opening an account.

Opening bank accounts in Russia for all companies

As mentioned above, Russian banks hire companies from almost all countries of the world, which makes it possible to get a well-functioning bank account and not interrupt the company's work according to the plans for several months, since this is how much time the most popular banks require on average. It is worth noting that in Russia, there is no commission paid to the bank for opening accounts, Internet banking is highly developed, and electronic digital signatures are also provided to work with any documents without visiting the bank. If you need a bank account in Russia, we will help you:

  • Send an application to any of the Russian banks;
  • Form the necessary set of documents based on the requirements of the bank;
  • We will advise the client in writing on all issues arising during the provision of the service both in Russian and in English;
  • We will fill in all the forms and applications to the bank required to open a bank account;
  • We form an additional set of documents if the bank requests confirmation of information;
  • We will assist in the legalization of documents, both by affixing an apostille and through the Consular legalization procedure;
  • We will represent the interests of the client in negotiations with the bank and signing documents on opening an account;
  • The cost of the service is 2000 euros, the price does not include the legalization of documents, as well as translation, notarization in Russia and the production of notarized copies of documents;
  • As part of this service, your company will be tax-registered in Russia.

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    Opening bank accounts in Russia without your presence

    The service for opening an account in Russia includes a full service for representing your interests in front of the bank, including opening an account without your presence in Russia. Our employee, under a power of attorney received from your company, will help you prepare and submit all documents to the bank, while the agreement for opening an account will be signed by our lawyer, but he will not have access to the account, since the card with sample signatures of the director or directors, as well as the seal imprint will be certified at the Consulate of Russia in your presence. To eliminate problems and difficulties, a power of attorney and a card with samples of signature and seal imprint are certified by the Consulate of Russia, which is identical to the notarial completion in Russia. Our lawyers will prepare the text of the power of attorney and all the documents that need to be certified. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.