Opening accounts in offshore banks

Opening accounts in offshore banksOpening accounts in offshore banks is necessary for companies belonging to the so-called risk groups and which practically have no other way to open a bank account. Many banks use the appropriate tactics to increase the volume of customers, while not providing information about the account holder, so as not to spoil the reputation in the eyes of their customers. Such states as Seychelles, Belize, Gibraltar in most countries are included in the lists of special risk, due to the peculiarities that distinguish offshore zones. Due to the legal right of such countries not to provide data on the owner of the companies and the ultimate beneficiaries, many financial companies, which include banks, do not want to take on themselves the extra burden that will be imposed on the bank by the controlling state structures. For such companies, there are banks with a special attitude to offshore zones and companies registered there. It should be remembered that most companies registered in Europe, Asia, North and South America are wary of working with such banks, therefore, when opening accounts in an offshore bank, you should use the bank as a place to accumulate and store your business funds.

We will help you choose the necessary bank, carry out the work on opening a bank account for the purposes that are necessary for you. Offshore jurisdiction provides a large number of advantages and favorable conditions for foreign investors and persons concentrating their funds in offshore banks. The main advantage is the minimization, and in most cases the complete absence of the tax burden. At the same time, in the presence of agreements on the avoidance of double taxation with many countries, offshore jurisdictions will make it possible to save a significant part of the income. In most offshore banks, foreign exchange controls have been significantly reduced or completely abolished, which significantly reduces the costs of foreign exchange transactions. Such loyalty of the bank is an attractive bonus for both individuals and legal entities in many countries of the world.

Opening accounts in offshore banks with our help

Our company offers you our help and support for registering bank accounts both in offshore banks and in online banks in the USA and other countries of the world. The absence of the need to be present when opening a bank account and the possibility of providing everything remotely is also one of the positive elements of working with such banks. Due to the participants in raider attacks in many countries, an offshore account has become a «must have» for those who want to save capital. An account holder can count on protection for more than just fraud. In working with offshore and online banks, we will help you:

  • Understand the need to open such an account and find a suitable jurisdiction for you;
  • Prepare the necessary documentation and fill out the forms required for the bank;
  • Settle the issues arising from the bank, including through a joint solution with the client;
  • We will offer you alternative options and banks for opening accounts with loyal conditions;
  • We will ensure the protection of your interests when working with banks and other structures;
  • The cost of the service depends on the chosen bank and the need to pay the initial contributions when booking an account or opening it directly, the minimum cost of opening an account ranges from 1000 euros to 3950 euros;
  • If it is necessary to deliver documents to the country where the bank is located, delivery is paid according to the tariffs of the company that provides services for the delivery of goods and documents.

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    Opening accounts in offshore banks for confidentiality

    Keeping your data confidential and a high level of confidentiality distinguishes offshore banks from other financial institutions. All offshore banks impeccably adhere to the rule of client anonymity. Personal data is kept in the strictest confidence, and getting this information into the hands of third parties is practically impossible. Some of the offshore banks have an item on financial security insurance in the list of services. Due to their economic development, offshore countries have a strong and effective political regime banks adhere to conservative proven ways of doing business, thereby giving the client a guarantee of capital safety and confidence in the future. Security and reliability of information and preservation of funds will provide you with the opportunity not to worry about your money, stocks and savings and investment accounts.