Offshore companies in Panama

Offshore companies in PanamaOffshore companies in Panama, like companies in other offshore zones, are a mechanism for regulating the company's income, in order to get rid of or significantly reduce tax liability. An offshore zone in Panama has its pluses and minuses, weighing which you can determine the need to register a company in Panama. It is worth noting that Panama is the most developed international business center in Latin America with the highest per capita income. The benefits that are provided in Panama for international business are very attractive and practical in terms of business development and capitalization. Panama is a stable and developing area that inspires the confidence of both domestic and international investors. Taken together, the above advantages contribute to the development of your business and the improvement of relations between partners and banks.

Our company offers you comprehensive assistance in registering and maintaining offshore companies in Panama and other offshore zones. Confidentiality in the work of our lawyers and the anonymity of business owners provided for by Panamanian law will allow you not to disclose the ultimate beneficiaries and act without fear that information about you or your income will be disseminated and transferred to various structures. Offshore companies in Panama are not a way to hide income, but only help develop new directions or improve existing dynamic companies.

How to register offshore companies in Panama?

The first step in shaping the procedure for creating a company in Panama will be the choice of the form of the company, namely: corporation (Sociedad Anónima), association (Asociación General Panameña), limited liability company or partnership (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada Panameña), civil partnership (Sociedad Civil Panameña), Empresa Individual, Foundation and Trust. Each of the forms has its own characteristics and advantages, for foreign investors to conduct business, the most attractive forms are: corporation and LLC. Our task is to help you in the minds of the company in Panama and further cooperation in solving corporate issues, for these purposes we offer you:

  • Register a company including paying state fees or buy offshore companies in Panama. The most correct solution would be to create a new company, since the purchase of ready-made companies may cause difficulties in opening accounts in Europe, Russia and Asia;
  • We will provide a legal address for your company, with the provision of a registering agent who will liaise the company with government agencies in Panama;
  • We will provide a nominee service in the form of providing the company with a director or shareholder;
  • We provide services for the issuance of a General Power of Attorney for the conduct of business by your representative;
  • Opening an account both in Russia and in Europe, USA, Asia.
  • The cost of registering a company is from 1600 euros. The minimum package includes the registration of a company, the provision of a legal address, a certificate of shares and a registered agent. Additional services are paid separately.
  • Like any offshore zone, in Panama, fees are paid for the extension of the operation of the company starting from the second year and amount to 1100 euros without nominee service and 1200 euros with nominal service.
  • Panamanian companies do not provide for filing reports on the financial activities of the company, as well as reporting to the tax office of the country. Taxes are levied only on income received within the borders of the country, everything that was received from international activities is not subject to taxation.
  • Services for apostille documents are also provided by our company;

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    Offshore companies in Panama and their advantages

    The main and most important advantage in working with companies registered in Panama is the absence of taxation on income received from international activities. The tax rate on such cash receipts is 0%, which completely removes the burden of tax liability from your business. But if you receive income within the borders of the country, the tax rate will be 25% on income and 7% VAT. Internal audit is also not obligatory, the audit is carried out by decision of the shareholders, meetings of shareholders can be held in any country in the world and do not have a territorial connection as enshrined in the law of the country. Considering the above, we can conclude that there are very favorable conditions for doing business for foreign investors. Our task is to help you set up a company in Panama and settle any corporate issues in your future work.