Extract from the commercial register of Japan

Extract from the commercial register of JapanJapan is one of the developed states of the Asian region with an ancient and rich history and traditions. Japan is an island state located in the Pacific Ocean east of the Sea of ​​Japan, China, North and South Korea, and Russia. As in any developed country where the market economy prevails, Japan has a national trade register containing information about legal entities registered in Japan. An extract from the commercial register of Japan allows you to assess the state of the company at the time of the request and make a decision on cooperation, conclude a contract and be confident in long-term, productive relationships in a particular area of ​​business. Japan is an attractive destination for investors because the country's economy is very strong and holds a leading position in the world. Japan's wages are the highest in the world. A confident and strong economy allows Japan to enter the G20 and continue to develop the country.

Japan does not belong to offshore zones and is not included in the black lists of the OECD, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the European Union. Japan is among the countries that follow the information exchange measures. The Japanese Ministry of Justice is responsible for maintaining the commercial register and providing company information. When an electronic document is requested, its content is very scarce. You will receive information about the company name, registration address and registration number. For more detailed data, the request is made directly in Japan, with personal contact.

Extract from the commercial register of Japan for checking the counterparty

The request for information can be carried out both through the Ministry of Justice and through the stock exchange, where information about registered legal entities and joint stock companies is provided. For a full-fledged request, you will need an additional service, since it is possible to get a full-fledged statement on paper only in Japan. Trade register extracts are provided in accordance with Japanese law and data protection requirements. As part of this service, we will help you with the following tasks:

  • Receiving an extract from the commercial register of Japan in electronic form (the document is sent by e-mail in .pdf format). The cost of the service is 90 €;
  • Obtaining an extract from the commercial register of Japan with an apostille on paper (the document is called the Certificate of Corporate Registration). The cost of the service is 495 €. As an additional service, you can order a translation of an extract from Japanese into English, translation is carried out in Japan;
  • Obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing with apostille on paper. The cost of the service is — from 495 €;
  • Obtaining a Certificate of incorporation with apostille on paper. The cost of the service is — from 495 €;
  • Please note that the cost of delivery is not included in the cost of the service and is paid separately at the rate of the courier company (DHL, EMS). Specify the delivery cost when ordering the service. The cost may differ depending on the distance of the recipient from Japan. To make a request for an extract from the commercial register of Japan, you need: the name of the company, the registration number of the company and the address of its location in Japan (for the accuracy of the request, at least two of the above items are required).

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    Extract from the commercial register for the court and foreign trade agreement

    As noted above, the Japanese economy is attractive for investment, which indicates a high level of responsibility, efficiency and productivity of Japanese companies. For this reason, cooperation with corporations and small enterprises of the country is very productive for European and Russian business. Before entering into a contract, you will be able to verify a counterparty in Japan by requesting an extract from the commercial register, which will give you confidence in the work and you will exercise due diligence in working with a new partner. If in the course of work a dispute arises between partners requiring resolution in the courtroom, an extract from the commercial register will help you confirm the company's ability to be a defendant or plaintiff in court.