Legalization of documents in the UAE

Legalization of documents in the UAEThe United Arab Emirates is one of the most efficient and productive states in the Middle East. Due to the presence of special economic zones within the state, the UAE is an attractive place for the development of international business and the promotion of products and services on world markets. Legalization of documents in the UAE, issued by other government agencies, occurs only through the legalization of the law, since the UAE has not signed or ratified the 1961 Hague Convention on the Simplification of the Procedure for the Legalization of Documents for use outside the borders of the country. In connection with such a decision of the state authorities, there is a procedure for legalization of several stages, while the presence of diplomatic relations and the consulate of the country for which legalization is carried out on the territory of the UAE is a prerequisite.

When submitting any document for legalization, be it a corporate document of a company or a personal document of an individual, first of all, it will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalization by the authorized body of the UAE. At the same time, there is a peculiarity of each document, since individual documents, such as a license, a list of participants, can be legalized without providing the original, and for example, or the constituent agreement will be provided in the original. The next step, after certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will provide the documents to the Consulate of the country.

Legalization of documents in the UAE for all countries of the world

Based on the practice of our lawyers, the legalization of documents in the UAE is possible for almost all major states of the world. If you have a need to legalize documents for states that are not recognized by the states of the international community and, these tasks will also be possible to settle due to the wide partner network of our company in more than 32 states. Direct work with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives us the opportunity to carry out legalization as soon as possible. If you need to legalize documents in the UAE, our specialists will help you:

  • Legalize the necessary documents in the UAE;
  • We will advise you on the legalization of certain documents in the UAE;
  • We will clarify the work schedule and peculiarities of admission at the Consulates;
  • We will ensure the delivery of finished documents to your office or to any specified address;
  • The cost of legalizing one document is 1450 euros, if it is necessary to legalize a large amount of documents on the order, a discount will be provided, especially if the same document is legalized in several copies;
  • Delivery cost is not included in the cost of the service and depends on the distance of the addressee's location. Sending correspondence is carried out according to the tariffs of companies engaged in international transportation (DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS);
  • We also provide additional services in the UAE, which will be of interest to both businessmen and individuals.

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    Legalization of documents in the UAE for the court

    Legalization of documents is sometimes necessary not only for concluding large contracts, opening bank accounts, using documents confirming education in a foreign state, but also before going to court for various reasons. The judicial system of many countries is based on common principles and one of them is the obligation to confirm to the court the possibility of the company being a plaintiff or defendants in court, that is, to confirm the active legal status of the company. In this case, the difficulty is the need to obtain an extract from the trade register, but not all legal entities are members of the UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry, since this membership is paid, and certain types of business activities cannot be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Despite such difficulties, specialists will find a way out even from such a situation.