European Business Register (EBR)

European Business Register (EBR)The European Business Register (EBR) is a unified information resource of the European Union containing information about companies and other business structures, created to provide data on participants in corporate activities in 20 countries of the European Union, as well as personal data that are allowed to be provided. The European Business Register was created in 1992 and contains data on over 24 million companies registered in the European Union. The countries participating in the European Business Register collect and submit data to the register on their own, but at the same time a number of countries provide a smaller amount of data than is contained in national registers.

Data from the European Business Register is provided in electronic form, since the register is maintained only in electronic form. The provision of data from the register is provided in compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the European Union on the protection of personal data (GDPR). To obtain an information statement about your counterparty and to prepare a contract and foreign trade agreements, the EU registry is the best data resource.

European Business Register provides general data

As noted above, the data contained in the European Business Register differ from the information contained in the national registers, but have an important informational component. The content of the extract includes the name of the company, address of location, registration number, information about the director, about the latest changes made, as well as a number of additional data. As part of this service, we can provide you with:

  • Extracts from the Business Register (EBR) in relation to companies registered in the following countries: Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Norway, Serbia , Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. All statements are received in electronic form in .pdf format and sent to you by e-mail;
  • Extracts from the European Business Register are suitable for informational check of the counterparty at the stage of concluding a contract or foreign trade agreement;
  • The cost of obtaining an extract is 14 euros, the extract is provided within a few hours. Data from the register are provided in English;
  • To receive an extract from you, you need information about the name of the company and the country of registration of the company, you also need a registration number, if such a number is assigned to the company.

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    The European Business Register is an excellent resource for business

    Information from the register is very useful and necessary in foreign trade, since checking companies from any state of the European Union is a mandatory task in business. Deception and fraud are everywhere, and control over the accuracy of data will help save your investment and time spent on establishing contacts with new partners. The service is aimed at helping businessmen and entrepreneurs from around the world to obtain information about companies registered in the EBR.