Apostille in Belize

Apostille in BelizeThe small state of Belize in Central America attracts the eyes of businessmen and travelers. Belize is a territory included in the list of offshore zones that are of interest to business representatives as an instrument of financial and tax regulation. Like most offshore zones, Belize has ratified the 1961 Hague Convention to simplify the procedure for the legalization of documents issued by the country's authorities. Apostille in Belize is a legalization procedure by affixing a stamp by an authorized person. The government agency officially authorized to legalize documents with apostille in Belize is the Registry of the High Court of Belize. Of the officials of the Register, this right is vested in the Head of the Register of the High Court and his deputy.

All documents issued by the state authorities of Belize for both legal entities and individuals are subject to apostille. Individual documents are subject to notarization prior to the legalization procedure. The document on which the apostille stamp is affixed has equal legal force with the document issued in the territory of your state and can be submitted to any state body, bank or other structure. It should be noted that the apostille is applicable only to countries that have signed the 1961 Hague Convention mentioned above.

Apostille in Belize for business

From the point of view of a businessman, Belize is a practical mechanism to reduce the tax burden on a company or a large corporation, while if future contracts are concluded with a partner located in Belize, the primary task will be to conduct an audit of the partner and request an extract from the commercial register of companies. Apostille will help to legalize and obtain official information about a participant in a transaction, a future partner or a transit company. Our lawyers will help you:

  • Determine the list of documents to be apostilled;
  • Prepare documents for the legalization procedure, if necessary, request an official copy from the state authority;
  • Carry out the legalization process and deliver documents to the address indicated by the client by the delivery services of international goods;
  • The cost of apostille service for one document is from 350 euros, when placing an order, specify which document you need to apostille;
  • The cost of delivery is not included in the cost of the service and is paid separately according to the tariffs of companies delivering international mail (DHL, UPS, EMS);
  • We also provide a service for obtaining an extract from the commercial register of IBC companies in Belize.

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    Apostille in Belize for the court

    The occurrence of disputes between companies and corporations is one of the not very pleasant aspects of business, but when such a situation arises, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the law and provide the court with the necessary documentation and confirmation of the legal status of the debtor or the person who applied to the court. One of the documents confirming the status of the company is an extract from the national register of the country of registration of the company. All documents submitted to the court must be legalized. Apostille in Belize will help you legalize the documentation for companies registered in Belize. In the same way, documents from the real estate register can be legalized, as well as other materials officially issued by the authorities and authorized and bodies of Belize.