Drafting court documents

Drafting court documentsAlmost every man in the street needs to go to court, including in international relations, both in the field of business and in private relations. The first task in litigation is its initiation, that is, assistance in drafting court documents for going to court for the restoration of their rights in Russia. It is very difficult to draw up a statement of claim and other court documents on your own, since the claim must meet the requirements for it, enshrined in the legislation of Russia. An error in the preparation of the application will lead to the abandonment of the case or the return of the statement of claim. To avoid such difficulties, you can use our service for drafting court documents and draw up a statement of claim with an experienced lawyer. A variety of legal disputes, as well as a plurality of applicable regulatory legal acts, will put you into a stupor when determining the laws, articles and clauses that you will refer to. Our assistance in drafting court documents will help you avoid mistakes, get a properly drawn up procedural document to start a trial.

The volume of court documents includes a fairly large list and each of the documents requires attention, experience and practice in drawing up. If the lawsuit has already begun, lawyers will assist in drafting requests, requirements and other documents required for the successful consideration and resolution of the dispute in the courtroom.

Drafting court documents without errors to start a trial

We offer you assistance in drafting court documents and statements of claim for various categories of disputes in Russia. Within the framework of the service, documents can be drawn up for both the initiated trial and the initiation of a new trial. Lawyers will draw up a statement of claim for you in the following categories of cases:

  • Claims for debt collection, consumer protection, disputes with travel companies, family disputes, alimony — 200 €;
  • Corporate disputes, arbitration court — 280 €;
  • Drawing up claims in all categories of cases, except for consumer protection — 100 €;
  • Complaint (to the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, the Court, the Federal Bailiff Service and other structures) — 100 €;
  • Appeal, supervisory complaint to the court — 220 €;
  • Appeal to the arbitration court — 290 €;
  • Written advice on the statement of claim in English — 120 €;
  • Work is carried out on an advance payment of 100% of the cost of the service, the conclusion of an agreement is mandatory, payment can be made to the company's bank account or through the PayPal service. After drawing up a statement of claim or other court document, we send you the drawn up claim by e-mail, the statement of claim and other documents are drawn up in Russian, after reading it, it is possible to make changes in any quantity. If necessary, we make any adjustments, except for those that cannot be made due to contradiction with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. It should be noted that the judicial system in Russia differs significantly from the judicial systems of the United States and Great Britain, as well as countries applying the common law of England.

If you have any questions, write to us in the chat, in the lower corner of the screen or send a message to our company e-mail. You can also use the feedback form, which you can see below, for a prompt response from lawyers:



    In working with preparatory documents, an important role is played by the availability of knowledge and experience in conducting such cases. The claim, like any document, has its own characteristics and consists of three parts: descriptive, motivating and resolutive. The completeness of the presentation of information about the dispute will allow the judge to study the case as fully as possible, and your additions during the court session will strengthen your chances of winning. The main task of the statement of claim is to convey to the court all the completeness of information about the case, which will help you during the process, since practice shows that many cases are resolved on the basis of the content of the statement of claim, without resorting to additional measures to prove. It is possible to draw up a statement of claim without having experience of participating in a legal dispute, but at the same time the time spent on this action will be disproportionately large and errors in the document will still remain.

    Drafting court documents for an initiated dispute and other documents

    An additional measure to protect the rights of citizens and legal entities is to send a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, as a control and supervisory body of state power, which essentially forms a separate branch of government. The task of the prosecutor is to consider and conduct a prosecutor's check on the fact of the complaint received. Sending applications to higher authorities, instead of drawing up a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, will not give any result. Drafting court documents, namely complaints to the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, as measures of protection and suppression of violations is possible in the following cases: failure to provide medical assistance in any medical institution, even if you are a foreign citizen, violations of human and civil rights provided for in Chapter 2 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, violations of the law by officials and for many other circumstances. The presentation of the entirety of what happened will enable the prosecutor to understand the essence of the situation that has happened and determine the need for various kinds of measures.

    If you need to draw up a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation and send it to the appropriate state structure, use the feedback form and the complaint will be prepared within two days.