Russian judicial system – legal assistance

Russian judicial system – legal assistanceRussian judicial system — legal assistance Legal company «Dom-Prava» offers you a number of services for the management and execution of various categories of cases in the courts of the Russian Federation. If you need the help of a lawyer, we will be happy to provide practical and consulting support in resolving a dispute that has arisen both in courts of general jurisdiction and in arbitration courts for commercial disputes. The Russian judicial system differs from the countries of Europe and the United States, for this reason the legal assistance of an experienced lawyer or lawyer will be the basis for your victory in court. Judicial practice in various categories of cases allows us to quickly provide answers to many questions and resolve disputes before the start of the court session. Working in courts of various instances has a number of important features, not knowing which leads to a delay in the resolution of the case. To date, the courts of certain regions are overloaded with cases and delays of two or even three months are not uncommon, if operative measures are necessary, procedural legislation provides for the possibility of restricting the disposal of the defendant’s property or seizing his accounts. In the course of our work, we search for the property of the defendant (debtor) in other countries, for seizing the assets of the debtor.

We provide legal advice on matters related to matters arising from family relations, labor relations, from the practice of entrepreneurial activity, as well as other issues on the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries of the world. We analyze all the circumstances and available documents. At this stage, the very possibility of obtaining a positive result in court is identified, and ways of achieving it are developed.

Russian judicial system includes the following

In Russia, the court is not the only way to protect the rights of citizens, foreign citizens, legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, government bodies, in certain cases, can assist in resolving the conflict. In most cases, the fastest and most guaranteed way of protection will be provided by the court. As part of legal assistance in Russia, we will provide you with services:

  • Debt collection through the court;
  • Division of property through the court;
  • Settlement of tax disputes;
  • Protection of consumer rights, including with the participation of foreign citizens;
  • Judicial division of spouses’ property (in case of divorce);
  • Divorce in Russia;
  • Disputes with insurance companies on any insurance issues;
  • Disputes over the cadastral value of real estate (we underestimate the value established by the state);
  • Assistance in drawing up a statement of claim and preparing court documents;
  • Representation of interests in an arbitration court in Russia;
  • Carrying out bankruptcy procedures for a company in Russia;
  • Implementation of representation in state authorities in the Russian Federation;

Russian judicial system — legal work with international companies and corporations.

We offer our clients protection of their rights and legitimate interests by all legally acceptable methods. At the same time, all your requirements and wishes are taken into account. In each individual case, we strive to provide high-quality legal services when considering court cases and resolving conflicts that have arisen, or rather completely relieve you of the need to deal with paperwork and bureaucratic procedures in Russia. If you choose the law firm «Dom-Prava», then all negative emotions accompanying any legal dispute will not affect you.

Litigation is one of the main areas of legal practice of our company. Our specialists possess not only broad theoretical knowledge in the field of Russian and English law, but also rich practical experience in resolving litigation. The skills accumulated in the course of judicial practice help to quickly and efficiently solve the tasks set by clients. At the same time, the favorable price of the services provided is fully consistent with reality.

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