Alimony for kids in Russia

Alimony for kids in RussiaAlimony for kids in Russia is directed through the court to enforce the debtor's obligation to pay alimony for a minor child. The procedure for paying alimony, based on the rules enshrined in the legislation of the Russian Federation, can also be determined by signing an agreement on the payment of alimony between the former spouses, the parents of the child. Based on practice, the number of parents who decided to settle the alimony issue in a civilized way is very small. As a result of the conflict, the recovery of alimony is carried out through the court, where the debtor can transfer the process of issuing a court order to a claim proceeding, since the applicant initially submits documents for the issuance of a court order.

If your marriage with a citizen or a citizen of the Russian Federation has ended and you have children during your life together, you will need the help of a lawyer in court. We will help you draw up the necessary documents and file a statement of claim, as well as appeal against existing decisions or orders of the court.

Alimony for kids in Russia by agreement of the parties

An agreement on the payment of alimony is a very rare phenomenon in the legal practice of the Russian Federation, since upon dissolution of a marriage, due to the impossibility of further residence due to quarrels and disagreements in the family, many former spouses, in particular fathers of minor children, when raising the question of whether with whom the children will stay, do not pull their hands forward shouting — «leave the child to me, I will raise him» and at the same time, the parent living separately does not want to settle the situation by drawing up an agreement on the payment of alimony, which makes it necessary to collect alimony through the court. The service offered includes:

  • Analysis of information about the debtor, his ability to pay alimony, as well as ways to evade collection;
  • We will draw up a statement of claim to the court for the recovery of alimony, as well as an application for receiving a court order;
  • We will send documents to the court to initiate the procedure for issuing a court order, and in case of an objection from the debtor, we will send a statement of claim for the recovery of alimony for children in Russia;
  • We will receive a court order and transfer it to the Federal Bailiff Service of the Russian Federation;
  • We will inform the client about the stages of service provision;
  • The cost of the service for collecting alimony through is 1600 euros.

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    A person obliged to pay alimony has a lot of already studied and known reasons to reduce the amount of penalties if the debtor is a citizen or citizen of the Russian Federation, without thinking about the fate and life of children. An alimony payment agreement is a worthy and necessary alternative to a court order. Since it is possible to indicate in the agreement a large amount that will be provided to the child for his needs. The recovery of alimony through the court removes the possibility of setting a large amount to be paid as alimony.

    Alimony for kids in Russia through a court order

    A court order is a document that makes it possible to collect alimony through the court and send an order to the Federal Bailiff Service of the Russian Federation and take independent actions to find out the source of the debtor's income. If there is no alternative to the judicial act, and the debtor is not going to fulfill his obligations to pay, it is necessary to go to court. Judicial recovery of alimony is aimed, first of all, at protecting the rights of minor children. Failure to pay alimony for a long time is the basis for deprivation of parental rights in accordance with Article 69 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation.

    Alimony obligations apply not only to parents of underage children, but also to adult children in relation to their elderly parents, in the absence of care and care for the parent, in view of its strict necessity. We will help you to draw up agreements on the payment of child support, we will assist in the procedure for collecting child support through the court in relation to elderly parents or minor children. If it is impossible to reach an agreement through negotiations, our lawyers will ensure the protection of your rights and interests in the litigation.