Offshore companies in Gibraltar

Offshore companies in GibraltarThe rocky peninsula of Gibraltar is located in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, with views of Gibraltar connected by an isthmus. Being in Europe, the geographic area of ​​Gibraltar is very close to the continent. This arrangement is statistical: the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet in the Atlantic Ocean. The entire area of ​​Gibraltar is only about 6.8 square kilometers. For such a small area, Gibraltar has a very small population of approximately 34,000 inhabitants. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the category of construction in Gibraltar is mainly formed by visitors from Spain. Despite the widespread use of the Spanish language, it is still becoming English. And this is not surprising, because Gibraltar has long been a British colony. Therefore, for comparison with the Gibraltar pound, the currency of the United Wealth is accepted here, as well as the pesetas (Spanish currency). Gibraltar is one of the oldest offshore zones in Europe, with more than half of all offshore zones in Europe more exposed. Offshore companies in Gibraltar are detecting a large number of cases.

Gibraltar has made a number of tax share swap commitments, providing for a partial distribution of the company register. Today, Gibral is interested in itself, in meeting with foreign businessmen. And there are objective reasons for this, which make the jurisdiction very attractive for business and entrepreneurs.

Offshore companies in Gibraltar to conduct or acquire a business

Conducting business using companies registered in special economic zones — offshore commercial enterprises is primarily due to the fact that accounting for tax revenues, and in some cases it is completely carried out when carrying out activities outside the country of registration of the company. Access to banks in other countries has recently become more common due to the status of the jurisdiction, but there is a large sector of banks that is quite favorable towards such companies. There is no control in the country, which allows the currency to work more actively and not pay attention to the routine of accounting and control. Our company offers you assistance in the following tasks:

  • We will assist in the registration of a company in accordance with the Companies Act 1984 of Gibraltar;
  • We will offer a nominee service for the company both in the person of the director and in the person of the beneficiary;
  • We will help in opening an account for companies in various banks of the world, both requiring the presence of a director, and an independent one;
  • The cost of opening a company (LLC) is from 2500 euros. It all depends on the need for legalization of documents and the choice of clients of additional services. Annual renewal payment to the company, the cost of renewing the renewal from the second year is — 2100 euros;
  • The cost of the service provided during the year, and the extension of the cost of the service, specify by e-mail or through the feedback form;
  • The cost of the fixed service per year of the director and the extension of the fixed service with clarification by e-mail or via the feedback form;
  • It is possible to open an account in the banks of Gibraltar and other banks, check the attraction for the service, since many banks do not accept companies from Gibraltar;
  • Legalization of documents, receipt during registration of legal entities for applying to banks and structures of other countries of the world that have accepted the provisions of the Hague acuteness of 1961;
  • Other services at the request of the client.

If you have any questions, write in the chat, in the corner of the screen or write a message to our company e-mail. You can also view the results of the review, which I can see below, for prompt legal response:



    Offshore companies in Gibraltar and working with them

    Gibraltar is a good place to do business due to the jurisdiction's solid reputation and lack of currency controls, surveillance and access to discover the world's banks. There are no taxes on dividends and inheritance in Gibraltar, which is also expected for doing business in jurisdictions. Despite the jurisdiction's offshore status, support for financial reporting is widespread, and in 2019, when operating domestically, companies pay a tax of 10% on profits. Gibraltar has a favorable geographical position, linking the jurisdiction with both Europe and Africa. If you are looking for a good place to start or develop a business, then Gibraltar is very promising for business success. We will help you in dealing with large enterprises in the territory of Gibraltar and in working with large enterprises in the international economic arena.