Extract from the commercial register of Estonia

Extract from the commercial register of EstoniaEstonia is one of the developing countries in Europe and strives to increase the attention of large, medium and small businesses. An extract from the Estonia commercial register allows you to check the counterparty, business partner. The information contained in the trade register allows you to verify the presence of such a company in Estonia, its activities, as well as annual financial statements, which may be needed when opening accounts for a company in banks in Europe and Russia. The Estonian commercial register contains complete information about companies registered in the state. The register contains information about companies since 1995 in Estonian. If you need information about a company registered earlier, you need to contact the state authority that was involved in registration actions at the time of the company's creation.

An extract from the Estonian commercial register can be requested both electronically and in hard copy with an apostille affixed. Estonia became a member of the 1961 Hague Convention on December 11, 2000, the decision came into force on September 30, 2001, the legalization of documents for submission to state authorities is carried out in a simplified manner by apostille. In the case of working in the international arena and establishing contacts with foreign partners, an apostille will be required.

Extract from the commercial register of Estonia in electronic form and with apostille

As part of this service, we can provide you with an extract from the Estonian commercial register for various purposes, namely, to check information about foreign partners, prepare contracts, open a company with foreign participation, and file claims in court. The commercial register contains additional information, namely:

  • an extract from the Estonian commercial register and a current company card — 12 €, provided in electronic form;
  • annual financial statements of the company — 12 €, provided in electronic form;
  • a historical extract from the Estonian commercial register containing information about any changes in the company (legal address, organizational form, change of director) — 12 €, provided in electronic form;
  • request for the company's charter in electronic form — 12 €;
  • request for copies of individual documents submitted to the register — 12 €;
  • request for the above documents with an apostille affixed on paper — 270 € per document;
  • Delivery of documents to the customer is carried out separately, at the expense of the customer, specify the cost of delivery when ordering documents.

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Extract from the commercial register of Estonia for banks

An extract from the commercial register is an irreplaceable document when contacting the bank to check the company submitting the documents. Information obtained from the register helps banks to make sure of the loyalty and solvency of the company. European banks require such information without fail. To be able to provide a document to any of the countries of Europe or Asia, translation of the document into any language is possible. In the event of a conflict between your company and partners or government agencies, an extract from the Estonian commercial register will be useful for filing a statement of claim in court.