Extract from the commercial register of China

Extract from the commercial register of ChinaChina is one of the largest developing countries with a growing economy. Chinese companies operate all over the world and when starting or developing a relationship with a foreign partner, you need to know all the information about the counterparty. An extract from the commercial register of China will help you get complete data on the state of a particular company, economic situation and the composition of governing structures. China, in terms of GDP, ranks first in the world, due to the huge number of enterprises. In terms of exports, China is also the leader among all countries in the world. A huge volume of companies created in China is contained in the country's trade register. Due to the lack of duplication of text in the constituent documents in English, it is difficult to make out the content of the documents. An extract from the commercial register of China will help you find out general information about the company, about its activity and types of activities, the date of creation and the availability of information about the termination of activities. Information about the creditor, especially at the initial stage of the formation of legal relations, plays a huge role. The information will help you avoid purchasing goods from dummy companies.  

It is worth noting that China has not ratified the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of legalization of foreign official documents, in connection with which documents received in China require consular legalization for most countries of the world, except for countries with which China has signed agreements on mutual assistance on civil and criminal cases.  

Extract from the commercial register of China with and without legalization  

The use of information from the trade register is necessary for contacting a bank, for opening an account in Russia and other countries of the world, for registering with a tax office in Russia, filing a statement of claim in court, concluding a contract, checking a counterparty. Extract from the commercial register of China is a very informative document that is required when concluding international contracts, as part of this service we will help you:

  • to receive an extract from the commercial register of China in electronic form, the cost of the extract is — 30 € (the extract is sent to e-mail in .pdf format in Chinese, if necessary, translation into the language you need is possible to familiarize yourself with the document);
  • an extract from the commercial register of China allows you to obtain general information about the company, information about the owners of shares and data on changes to the constituent / registration documents of the company;
  • China is not an offshore zone and is not included in any of the «black lists» of both Russia and the OECD;
  • An extract from the commercial register of China in electronic form is prepared within 30 minutes. Тo make a request, you need a unified social credit code assigned to each company, it consists of numbers and letters;
  • if it is necessary to provide an extract to the state authorities of your country, the consular legalization of the document will be required, the cost of the extract and the trade register with consular legalization is 1200 €, the period for obtaining the document is at least 5 working days (to legalize documents, we will need a power of attorney from you, for representation of interests in the consulate (Power of attorney), as well as a copy of the business license (business license);
  • if you need consular legalization of other documents, inform in the letter and attach a scanned copy of the document, after processing the information you will be sent a response;
  • Please note that shipping costs are not included in the service cost. Shipping cost DHL, UPS from 120 €, specify the cost of delivery each time you apply for such documents.  

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Extract from the commercial register of China with consular legalization

Consular legalization is a more complicated procedure than apostille, since documents are submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and the Consulate of the required state. The complication of the legalization procedure is caused by China's failure to accept the provisions of the Hague Convention of 1961, the possibility of ratifying the Convention is possible at any time, but until this has happened, consular legalization is the only way to legitimize documents issued by the state and authorized bodies of China. Our company will help you to carry out consular legalization for work on the territory of any state. We also provide assistance in opening bank accounts for companies from China, if you are interested in the need to open an account in Europe, Turkey, Mauritius, we will also help you in implementing such tasks.