Extract from the commercial register of Venezuela

Extract from the commercial register of VenezuelaVenezuela is a state with great economic potential, rich oil reserves, striving to grow the domestic economy and, consequently, improve the living standards of its citizens. Despite the unstable social situation, business in Venezuela is developing and growing. The source of information on legal entities in the country is the national trade register. An extract from the commercial register of Venezuela serves as an information resource allowing you to find out the status of the company, its registered address and office address, as well as the company name. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a member of many international organizations and unions, namely, it is a member of the UN, OPEC, ALBA, OAS and other international organizations. The territory of Venezuela does not belong to offshore zones and is not included in the lists of offshore territories of the Central Bank of Russia, OECD and the EU

From the point of view of generating income for the economy, Venezuela forms its most part through the sale of hydrocarbons, namely oil. Today the country's economy is in the stage of a prolonged crisis associated with significant fluctuations in oil prices, the inability to get away from the «oil economy». This situation has led to the reduction of legal entities on the territory of the state, but despite this, some business representatives are expanding their trade boundaries and more and more companies from Venezuela open accounts in Russia and Kazakhstan. Russian banks accept companies from Venezuela for servicing, while the list of required documentation cannot be compared with European banks, since the standards of Russian banks are aimed at obtaining only the necessary and not so extensive documentation.

Extract from the commercial register of Venezuela and its execution

The responsible body for maintaining and structuring data in the Venezuelan commercial register is the Autonomous Registry and Notary Service (SAREN), under the control of the Ministry of People's Power for Internal Affairs, Justice and Peace. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has both a commercial register and a public register containing a vast amount of information, including information about companies, their protocols and registration documents. If you need an extract of their commercial register of Venezuela with or without apostille, our company will help you with this, namely:

  • We will carry out a request for an extract from the trade register based on your requirements;
  • Request an extract from the commercial register with an apostille;
  • We will advise you on any questions you may have and help you in solving the problem on the territory of Venezuela;
  • The cost of obtaining an extract from the commercial register without an apostille is from 95 euros, it is worth noting that in Venezuela there is no extract in the form in which it is used to see it in Europe or Russia, separate information can be obtained from the register;
  • The cost of obtaining an extract with an apostille is from 500 euros;
  • The cost of delivery of the statement is not included in the cost of the service and is paid separately according to the tariffs of the carrier company (DHL, EMS, UPS);
  • To request an apostille for individual documents, including extracts from the commercial register, information about the company and scanned copies of registration documents may be required.

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Extract from the commercial register of Venezuela and features of its apostille

Since the territory of Venezuela is divided into states and in each of them there are legal entities, information about which is present in the register, but located directly on the territory of the state, then when apostille an extract, we need to determine the location of the company and then act in a certain state. This difficulty can lead to an increase in the cost of the service for obtaining an extract with an apostille, for this reason, the specification of the cost is mandatory with each order. We will help you in preparing the required document in Venezuela.