Apostille in Italy

Apostille in ItalyThe Italian Republic is one of the most famous states in Europe due to the presence on the territory of the country of a colossal number of monuments of Ancient Roman history and culture, and Italy is also the center of the Catholic religion due to the location within the city of Rome of a small state that leases the territory, namely the Vatican. Like any state, Italy issues various documents in certain areas of life and activities of society, which must be legalized for use on the territory of another state. Apostille in Italy is placed on all government documents and official papers. Since Italy is a party to the 1961 Hague Convention on the Simplification of the Procedure for the Legalization of Documents, for use outside the borders of the country, which makes it possible to carry out legalization in a simplified manner by affixing an apostille stamp.

Apostille can be affixed to almost all corporate documents that have an official status and were issued during the registration of a company in Italy. At the same time, the company's internal documents (decisions, contracts, guarantees, assurances) can be apostilled after they have been certified by a notary. But a notary can certify not every document, but only those on which there is a seal and signature of an authorized person or persons, if a multilateral document is provided — a contract. Business representatives most often use the apostille procedure, but this does not mean that individuals are deprived or deprived of the ability to legalize private documents, the same rule applies to all.

Apostille in Italy for business

Many companies, when concluding large contracts or starting work with a new partner, need to check the reliability of the company in order to avoid problems and litigation with an unscrupulous partner. An extract from the commercial register with an apostille will help to obtain the most complete information, since it contains the most complete amount of information about a legal entity. Apostille in Italy is useful for opening bank accounts in other countries, such as Russia, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, as well as other countries. Apostille is carried out directly in the capital of Italy, Rome. If Vaz has a need to apostille documents in Italy, we will help you:

  • Determine whether the document is subject to apostille and whether the original is required;
  • Request the necessary documents from the authorized state bodies;
  • We will certify the documentation with a notary, if required by Italian legislation;
  • We will deliver documents to the address indicated by you and to any country with which there is a postal and courier message;
  • The cost of apostille in Italy is from 340 euros per document;
  • The cost of delivery is not included in the cost of the service and is paid separately according to the tariffs of companies engaged in international transportation of goods;

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    Apostille in Italy for the court

    In foreign economic activity, conflicts between partners are not uncommon and, unfortunately, disputes cannot always be resolved out of court. The judicial systems of many countries, at the stage of preparing cases for trial, are very similar. The court must make sure that the persons who applied to the court and those in respect of whom the claims were received can be full-fledged participants in the process, have all the rights and can be liable for their actions. Apostille in Italy will help to request legalized documents in relation to legal entities located and registered in Italy, as well as a number of documents from individuals. In the absence of confirmation of rights and obligations, the court may leave documents without consideration, until the errors are eliminated, such as in the Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation. Our company will help you understand the intricacies of the apostille procedure, as well as carry out the entire process.