Apostille in Russia

Apostille in RussiaThe Russian Federation, like many countries of the world, is a party that ratified the 1961 Hague Convention on the forgiveness of the procedure for legalizing documents for use outside the borders of the country. Apostille in Russia is a procedure for legalization by affixing an apostille stamp both on the originals of documents and on notarized copies of the relevant documents. Documents and materials issued by state authorities, educational institutions and other structures with state participation are subject to apostille. When carrying out the legalization procedure, an important role is played by the region in which the documents necessary for legalization were issued.

Commercial documents are the most frequently legalized materials, as the field of entrepreneurial activity is actively growing and occupying new international markets. If your company decides to open a bank account on the territory of another state, then you will need to provide a list of documents and an extract from the trade register of Russia with an apostille in order to carry out the appropriate procedure. Our company will help you in the preparation and receipt of individual documents.

Apostille in Russia for business and not only

The sphere of entrepreneurial activity is most fully interested in apostillization of commercial documentation, but at the same time, both citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens who have received, for example, education in Russia, may need to legalize certain documents, papers and materials. Our task is to assist in carrying out the procedure of apostillization of this or that document, without interrupting you from the daily schedule. Our lawyers will help you:

  • Determine whether the required document is subject to apostille;
  • We will offer all possible options for carrying out the document legalization service in Russia;
  • We will advise you on legalization issues and the specifics of the procedure in each specific case;
  • Carried out the legalization procedure without unnecessary difficulties for you.
  • We will deliver legalized documents to the required address, to any country in the world;
  • The cost of the service of affixing an apostille is from 250 euros, it all depends on the document itself and the possibility of obtaining a notarized copy or original at the time of the apostille;
  • The cost for quick service is 400 euros;
  • The cost of delivery is not included in the cost of the service and is paid separately according to the tariffs of companies delivering international shipments (DHL, UPS, EMS).

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    Apostille in Russia for opening accounts abroad

    Opening a company in Russia to promote activities and gain access to new markets is a very common decision of businessmen from other countries today. To be able to conduct foreign economic activity, the company will need a bank account outside of Russia. Apostille will help in the legalization of all the necessary documents that you will need to submit to the bank. Lenders will also be able to obtain an apostilled extract from the Russian trade register (the Unified State Register of Legal Entities) or information about individual entrepreneurs contained in the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs. All data is requested from the Federal Tax Service of Russia. Our task is to provide you with the information you need and ensure its legalization.